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Battle of the Bollards logo with bicycles, delineators and musical instruments

When Sacramento rolled out our first parking protected bikeways, we tried a type of vertical flex post to keep drivers out of the bikeway.

The posts didn't last very long.

We're now testing 3 new types of posts. Our Traffic Signs & Marking team will be installing new posts on J and 10th Streets over the coming weeks.

You may be asking – why posts and not planters, curb or other types of concrete treatments that are allowed by State and National standards? The answer is pretty simple – funding. Planters are expensive but also require daily maintenance due to irrigation needs and vandalism. Curbs and other types of concrete treatments are also expensive. Both treatments are typically funded through a grant. This effort is not funded through a grant but is funded through the City’s small amount of local funding for spot improvements, and we do not have the funding for more expensive treatments.

You may also be asking – why are they being installed over weeks? There are supply shortages and we are installing the materials as we receive them.

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Battle of the Bollards flyer with images of bikes, delineators and musical instruments