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Bike Share


Bike Share Oak Park Header Image

It may not be news, but riding a bike is a great way to be active and live a healthier lifestyle.

Bike share can also reduce congestion and pollution by helping people make shorter trips by bike. In fact, studies from other US cities shows bike share has reduced their traffic congestion and parking demand.

Studies also show that having a bike share station nearby increases spending and economic activity at nearby stores.

Bike Share FAQs:

Is bike share a city program?

Bike share is a private business operating in the City of Sacramento. Any bike share business operating in the City of Sacramento must follow city laws and have a permit to operate in the City.

How can I sign up for JUMP bike share?

It’s easy!

  • Sign up online or download the Jump Bikes - Bike Share app for your smart phone.
  • Find and reserve a bike using the app.
  • Unlock the bike using the app on your phone.
  • When done, leave the bike at a bike rack near your destination for the next person to ride.
  • It is required that you leave the bike at a bike rack.
  • Bikes should be left in the service area as shown on the app map. There will be a fee for bikes left outside the service area. The Sacramento system map can be seen here

How much does the JUMP bike share cost?

Use of the bikes are $1 for the first 15 minutes, and then 7 cents every minute after that, or slightly more than $2 per half hour. For a $30 monthly fee, you can use a bike for one hour daily. Use after the first hour is 7 cents a minute.  The vendor is in the process of developing a low-income program called Boost. More information will be available soon. 

What are the bike share vendors required to do to operate in the City?

There are a number of requirements a bike share business permit requires of a bike share vendor, including but not limited to:

  • Provide 1.5 bike parking spaces for every bike operating in the City
  • Apply for encroachment permits to install bike racks in public property
  • Provide noticing for any proposed bike parking that removes car parking (10 day noticing)
  • Provide education to members about city laws, California biking laws, and etiquette

More details can be found on the Bike Share Business Permit Application.

Are users required to park a bike share bike at a bike rack?
Yes. Per City code bike share bikes must be parked at a bike rack.

What if there is no bike rack at my destination
The current bike share vendor, JUMP, is in the process of installing many of the required bike racks and more will be installed through Summer 2018. If there is no bike rack at your immediate destination, you are likely to find some racks nearby. The City has installed many bike racks in commercial areas in the city.

How can I report an illegally parked bike share bike or a bike share bike that is not working?
Issues with bike share bikes can be reported to 311. The City’s 311 team will notify the bike share vendor. We ask that you notify 311 so we can track issues.