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Current Projects

The City has many active transportation (walking and bicycling) and complete streets projects underway.  Please see below for a list of projects with links to project pages, where applicable.

Downtown Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Projects - SPRING 2018!!!

The City is working on bicycle and pedestrian safety improvements on the Grid this year. The project will include parking protected bikeways and pedestrian crossing improvements. The project is expected to be installed in May 2018.

The bikeways include:

  • P Street from 9th to 15th Streets: Parking protected bikeway
  • Q Street from 9th to 15th Streets: Parking protected bikeway
  • 10th Street from Q to I Streets: Combination of buffered bike lane and parking protected bikeway
  • H Street from 13th to 15th Streets: Bike lane
  • I Street from 12th to 13th Streets: Bike lane

What is a parking protected bikeway?

These bikeways will allow people of all ages and levels to bike the grid, separated from moving traffic.  They will also improve pedestrian safety by increasing sight lines and reducing the number of travel lanes to cross. 

Parking Protected Bikeway Graphic

Downtown Bikeways Map


Street Maintenance Bikeway Projects - SPRING 2018!!!

The 2018 street maintenance program includes mostly residential streets that do not include bikeways; however, there are a number of higher volume streets being resurfaced this year.  This includes an opportunity for new or enhanced bikeways including:

  • Mack Road from Archean Way to Valley Hi Drive: Buffered bike lanes
  • 24th Street from 2nd Avenue to Broadway: Buffered bike lanes


One-Time Bikeway Projects
Transportation projects are generally funded through the gas tax, Measure A, and grants. In 2017, Our City Council made a one-time general fund investment in bikeway projects. The following projects are moving forward as part of this effort and are expected to be installed in 2018:

  • Del Paso Boulevard at Jackrabbit Trail (East Drain Canal): Hybrid beacon crossing with crosswalk 
  • Elvas Avenue from Primrose Lane to H Street: Buffered bike lanes 
  • 2nd Avenue from Franklin Boulevard to Broadway: Bike lanes 
  • Mae Fong Park to 65th Street: Trail gap closure
  • Pocket Canal Trail at Pocket Road and Sump Station #132: Hybrid beacon crossing with crosswalk
  • Mack Road at Deer Meadow Drive: Buffered bike lane and sidewalk
  • Downtown Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Projects: See below

Bell Avenue Complete Street Rehabilitation Project

Broadway Bridge Project

Broadway Complete Streets

Del Rio Trail

Franklin Complete Street

Garcia Bend Trail

I Street Bridge Replacement

Meadowview Road Streetscape Project

South Sacramento Parkway Trail West Project

Two Rivers Trail Phase II 


 J Street Safety Project - July 2018

The J Street Safety Project is on J Street between 19th and 30th Streets.
J Street Safety Project Map 19th to 30th Streets

The project is designed to calm traffic, improve pedestrian crossings, and make the street more inviting for travel and as well as spending time on the corridor.