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Urban Bicycling 101 Class

Bicyclists making right turnThe Urban Bicycling 101 Class is a great introduction or a refresher for people who bicycle on-street in Sacramento. This class also meets the requirements for the Sidewalk Bicycling Diversion Program.

The class is in-classroom. You do not need a bicycle. In the class, you will learn:

  • Bicycling and the law
  • Bicycling on the street
  • Bicycling through intersections
  • Avoiding crashes
  • How to enjoy the ride

When are the classes?

Classes are held on the 2nd Thursday each month from 6pm - 8pm. After you have signed up, you’ll receive more class details such as classroom and materials to bring to class.

The class is FREE! The class is open to all City of Sacramento residents.  

*Due to the high volume of interest, we cannot offer classes to those who do not live in Sacramento at this time.*

Upcoming classes include:

  • April 13th: 6-8pm  (class is full)
  • April 27th: 6-8pm  (class is full)
  • May 11th: 6-8pm
  • June 8th: 6-8pm
  • July 20th: 6-8pm
  • August 10th: 6-8pm
  • September 21st: 6-8pm

If you cannot see the form below, please email