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Bikeway Program

Woman on bikeGiven the City's mild climate and flat terrain, bicycling and walking have been and continue to be viable and important transportation modes for Sacramentans. The City of Sacramento is committed to improving conditions throughout the City to encourage even more people to walk and bike for both commuting and recreation.

2010 bikeway Master Plan

The 2010 Sacramento City/County Bikeway Master Plan (BMP) was last updated in March 2011. The objective of this document was to create and maintain a safe, comprehensive, and integrated bicycle system and support facilities throughout the City that encourage accessible bicycling for all. The plan supports bicycling as a sustainable, equitable, healthy, and non-polluting form of transportation which promotes the development of vibrant urban streets and public places.

The plan specifies three classifications of bikeways:

  • Bike trails or bike paths are separated from vehicular traffic and are for the exclusive use of bicyclists and pedestrians. Cross traffic by motorists is minimized.
  • Bike lanes are designated lanes within the street for use by bicycles. Bicyclists are required to travel in the same direction as the automobile traffic.
  • Bike routes are designated streets that are shared with other road users which serve to designate preferred routes and to provide continuity to other bikeways.

2016 Bicycle Master Plan

The City is currently in the process of updating the Bicycle Master Plan. The community is encouraged to learn more and get involved.

You can view or download the Bicycle Master Plan document or associated maps with either existing or existing and proposed bikeways. Below are some useful links regarding the City’s bicycle program:

For bikeway and pedestrian concerns and issues, please contact us.