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Water Infrastructure Improvement Program

Installed Meter

Read more about our water main pipeline & meter projects. For updates about the projects, please read our current newsletter.

Your Partner Accountability Report

 DOU Report 2019

The latest Your Partner report is now available! This issue is focused on innovation.

Utilities News

The Department of Utilities is installing a large-diameter pipeline to upgrade a portion of its sewer system that will eventually connect the Railyards, a 244-acre infill development on the northeast corner of downtown Sacramento, to the City’s existing sewer system. Find out more about the 3rd Street Sewer Upgrade Project.

McKinley Water Vault BUILD Phase Begins
The McKinley Water Vault is an underground storage tank that will hold combined storm water and wastewater during big storms when the combined sewer system is at capacity. The first phase, DIG phase, of the project is complete and the BUILD phase is underway. The BUILD phase is scheduled to take place Fall 2019 to Fall 2020. Read for more on the McKinley Water Vault project phases and future enhancements.

The City strives to meet Public Health Goals, which are set by the State of California to encourage drinking water providers to do the best they can to provide safe, high-quality drinking water. We actively work toward these goals and report progress to the City Council and the public every three years. Here is the latest Public Health Goals report.

Watering schedule waived during extreme weather: For residents concerned with heat damage to trees, plants, and landscape, the City of Sacramento watering schedule restrictions are waived on the second day of 100+ degree heat (meaning people can water even if it isn't their day). The exemption ends the day after the last 100+ degree day. Read for more on the water schedule and exemptions.

Consumer Confidence Report now available: Congratulations! Your drinking water meets or exceeds all State and Federal drinking water standards. A copy of our annual water quality report, also called a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR), is now available.

City Watering Schedule

Spring Watering

Not sure when you can water and when the schedule changes? Visit our website to learn about our spring/summer and fall/winter watering guidelines.

Water Wise Calls

Water Wise House Call
Schedule a free visit with a water conservation specialist to find the best ways to save water, get tips and tools, and find out if you qualify for rebates!

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