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Drought is here.

Drought is Here. Save Water.

Learn how to save water, find rebates, fix leaks and take care of trees during drought conditions.

Keep trees healthy

During dry times, sprinklers may not water trees deeply enough. Learn how to keep trees healthy during the drought.

Fix leaks to save water

Household leaks can waste up to 10,000 gallons of water per year, the equivalent of 270 loads of laundry. Learn how to easily fix leaks.

Utilities News

City declares 'Water Alert;' asks customers to reduce water use by 15 percent

Here's how the City is decreasing its water usage in parks in response to drought conditions

City Utilities doubles the amount of money people can save from water conservation rebates

Learn how to keep trees healthy during dry conditions at this webinar

Dry conditions could cause an 'earthy' taste in drinking water. Here's what you can do about it

The City wants your thoughts on a plan to manage urban water supplies. Here's how you can get involved

A major project at McKinley Park is nearing completion. Here's what it will soon look like

Here's how the City is helping residents save money and conserve water during a dry year

A portion of sewer system is being upgraded that will eventually connect the downtown Railyards to the City’s existing sewer system.

Here's what you might not know about the City's spring and summer watering schedule

Rebates for Water Conservation

Customer can save money with water conservation rebates, including landscaping, irrigation, toilet and fixture upgrades.

City Watering Schedule

In the City of Sacramento, landscape watering can be done two days per week, based on your address.

Get free help

Water Wise House Call

Schedule a free call with a water conservation specialist to get help with saving water, leaks and rebates.