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River-Friendly Landscape Rebates

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The City of Sacramento Department of Utilities offers rebates to residential and commercial customers to help pay for water efficient upgrades. Download the rebate brochure. The River Friendly Landscape Program offers the following rebates for residential and commercial customers:

  • Turf Conversion Rebate – A rebate to replace existing turf (grass) in the front yard with Water Wise Landscaping;
  • Irrigation Upgrade Rebate – A rebate to install irrigation system upgrades such as drip irrigation and an EPA WaterSense Labeled Smart Irrigation Controller;
  • Rain Barrel Rebate – A rebate to install Rain Barrel(s) to store water for use during dry periods.


  • River-Friendly Landscape Rebates are available to City of Sacramento residential water customers ONLY.
  • River Friendly Landscape Applicants must be property owners, or bill-paying tenants with written consent from the property owner.
  • River-Friendly Landscape Program rebates are not retroactive. All eligible work must be completed after approval by River Friendly Landscape Staff.
  • For the Turf Conversion Rebate - Before any work is completed or turf is removed, the project must be approved by River Friendly Landscape Staff. If turf has been removed prior to approval, the project will be found ineligible for the Turf Conversion Rebate.


  • Download and fill out the application - See the section below titled Rebate Documents to download the application packet. Fill it out completely as instructed within the packet, gather  your supporting information and submit  to or mail to: 

City of Sacramento Department of Utilities
The River Friendly Landscape Program
5730 24th Street, Building 22
Sacramento, CA, 95822

  • Receive application approval prior to beginning your project - You will be contacted by River Friendly Landscape Staff.  Please note that if your application is missing information this can delay your approval.
  • Completing your project – Your project must be completed within 120 days of your approval date, and you must submit your itemized receipts or invoices with a photo of your completed project. After we receive your itemized receipts, they will be reviewed and verified by River Friendly Landscape Staff.
  • Post-inspection –Following receipt review, you may be subject to a post-completion inspection, and will be contacted to schedule.
  • Receive a rebate check – You should receive your rebate check within six to eight weeks of your post-inspection appointment and approval.

 Rebate Documents for city of sacramento

Having a contractor help you with your landscaping project? Please share this Contractor Information Packet with your contractor to ensure that your receipts are completed correctly. 



The State’s residential turf rebate program continues to accept applications for homeowners to reserve funds to convert their turfgrass to a water wise landscape. Since the City is also offering a rebate, the state’s program limits their rebate to $1 per square foot for lawn replacement to water-efficient landscaping (up to 1,000 square feet). Note that there are a number of differences between the two programs, including significant differences in the amount of plants that must cover the converted area at maturity. Their application is online at  


Contacting Water Conservation Division

For more information about the River- Friendly Landscape Rebate Program or if you have questions about your application or the application process, please email or call 916-808-1337.

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