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Your Storm Drainage System

Your storm drainage system is made up of drains, pipelines, pumps and other infrastructure that, because of its age, needs constant care by City of Sacramento Utilities staff. They make sure it’s always working during the rainy season so rain water flows out to the river rather than backing up onto the street and into your car, home or business. It’s what protects your property from serious damage.

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Storm Drainage Services and rates

The City of Sacramento Department of Utilities provides storm drainage service to more than 125,000 customers throughout the city of Sacramento by using drain inlets, pumps and canals to move water off Sacramento streets directly to local creeks, streams and rivers to help limit street flooding.

The City uses rate payer dollars, fees for services and development impact fees as well as grants and other special funds to pay for the storm drainage operations and capital improvement program.

Current Monthly Storm Drainage

Here are the typical residential and non-residential storm drainage rates:

View the Complete list of storm drainage rates

A complete list of fees can be found using the City’s Fee and Charge Search. Please choose the Department of Utilities in the “Department” drop down menu and then select a fee category to review fees.

The City offers Sacramento Utility Rate Assistance. If you are an income-eligible customer, you can get a monthly credit on your water, sewer and/or garbage bill. Your total annual savings can add up to over $380 a year depending on the services you receive. Apply today!