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Treatment Plant Updates

Your rates are funding important improvements to Sacramento’s original water treatment plant, built in 1923. We’re replacing unreliable parts and increasing capacity. 

All About Your Rates

Learn more about your utility rates, recent rate increases and how your rates are structured.

Highlights & News

YOUR UTILITIES. YOUR VOICE. We are committed to increasing community understanding of our capital improvement challenges and how these challenges affect ongoing rate adjustments.

Have you heard about a project starting in your neighborhood? Check our Project Status dashboard for more info. 


Apr 18 - To keep the average lawn green for one year, it requires 50,000 gallons of water—that could fill your office water cooler 10,000 times. Visit to learn ways to save water. Read Post

Apr 17 - The City of Sacramento is taking part in the National Mayor's Challenge for Water Conservation - we are halfway through the month and we need your help to make our city the most water-wise in the nation! Take 1 minute out of your day and go to #SacWaterWise #Mywaterpledge Read Post

Apr 16 - We love when it rains in #Sacramento, and so do your plants! Delay your watering by at least 48 hours, your plants won't notice! ☔ Instead collect the rain in a rain barrel to use on non-rainy days! Read Post