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All About Your Rates

In 2013, the City of Sacramento completed the sale of $248 million in municipal bonds to finance a capital improvement program, replacing aging water infrastructure, installing water meters and rehabilitating the Sacramento River Water Treatment Plant.

Through the municipal bond sale, the City took advantage of low interest rates, minimizing the costs to the City’s utility customers over the next 30 years.

Current Rates

City of Sacramento Department of Utilities bills residents for services on a monthly basis.

Your rates pay for the services provided, improvements to our infrastructure, fuel, energy, chemicals, labor, mandated state and federal programs and regulatory fees.

Utilities reviews rates annually and Sacramento City Council determines rate adjustments.

Rate Adjustments

In 2012, the City Council adopted the Utilities Rate Advisory Commission’s recommendation to adopt proposed three-year rate increases: 10% each year for water and for wastewater, 16% in the first year, 15% in the second year and 14% in the third year. Rate increases currently help finance capital improvements, including the Sacramento Water Treatment Plant, water meter implementation and other projects.

Utilities hosted several rate workshops throughout the city prior to the implementation of the new rates. For more information, please visit

Sacramento Utility Rate Assistance

The City of Sacramento offers a utility rate assistance program. If you are an income-eligible customer, you can get a monthly credit on your water, sewer and garbage bill. Your total annual savings can add up to over $85 a year depending on the services you receive. Apply today!