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The Downtown Sewer Upgrade will involve construction of five blocks of new 60-inch diameter combined sewer pipeline on 9th Street from G to L streets as well as thirteen blocks of new 42 to 48-inch diameter combined sewer pipeline on 3rd Street from I to U streets. Construction along each of the corridors will consist of both open cut and tunneling activities. The City is utilizing both methods in an effort to minimize impacts during construction.

Graphic describing open cut method

Paving graphic

Project News

Check out the new Downtown Server Upgrade animation videos to learn more about what is happening during construction... read more...

City Council awarded a construction contract on April 25, 2017 to McGuire and Hester for the 9th Street corridor, which is the first construction phase of the Downtown Sewer Upgrade. Construction along 9th Street is expected to begin early to mid-August, but currently pre-construction activities are occurring. The sewer upgrade along this corridor is anticipated to last through early spring 2018, with observance of the downtown holiday moratorium (November-December)... read more...


The Downtown Sewer Upgrade will provide relief from existing conditions and planned development on an over-taxed and aging Combined Sewer System (CSS). This existing system provides sewer and storm drain needs for 7,500 acres in the City including Downtown, East Sacramento, River Park, Land Park, Curtis Park, and Oak Park neighborhoods

Once complete, the Downtown Sewer Upgrade will provide the following improvements:

graphic showing benefits of sewer upgrade.