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 You’re Invited to Attend the McKinley Water Vault Meet the Contractor Presentation on May 22

Welcome to the McKinley Water Vault construction site. Here you can find up-to-date information about construction impacts and progress.


The McKinley Water Vault is an underground storage tank that will hold combined storm water and wastewater during big storms when the combined sewer system is at capacity. It will be located underneath the George “Butter” Cole Field in McKinley Park and protects property and people by reducing street flooding and combined sewer system outflows. The project’s construction includes $1 million of enhancements to McKinley Park including new shade structures, replanting trees, new bathrooms and enhancing some of the running track.

This page will be updated frequently with project information, construction schedule changes and emergency notifications, if needed. Check back often and sign up for construction email alerts to be notified of ongoing updates or changes. 




Status: Construction to start in May.*

Phase: DIG

What to Expect: Trucks excavating dirt and soil from the project area and hauling spoils to Sutter’s Landing.

*Schedule subject to change.

Truck Traffic Route During DIG



The McKinley Water Vault construction is broken into four main phases. The phases outline what’s being completed, anticipated impacts and planned mitigation efforts to reduce the impact on the community’s day to day life.


The first step of the dig phase will include mobilization, traffic control, site prep & excavation.

Anticipated Community Impacts

  • Truck traffic

  • Dust

  • Noise

  • Parking impacts


Build is the second construction phase. During this phase the contractor will build the concrete vault.

Anticipated Community Impacts

  • Truck traffic

  • Dust

  • Noise

  • Parking impacts


The contractor will import dirt to bury the newly constructed vault.

Anticipated Community Impacts

  • Truck traffic

  • Dust

  • Noise

  • Parking impacts


One million dollars of the project’s budget is set aside for park enhancements. Throughout the project, Utilities coordinated with stakeholders, the public and the Department of Youth, Parks and Community Enrichment to obtain feedback and input about the type of park enhancements they want to experience. Enhancements will include:

  • Jogging path improvements

  • New restrooms

  • New picnic area tables, benches and BBQ pits

  • New shade structures

  • Estimated 60+ trees

  • New landscaping

Review park enhancement FAQs.

Review the park enhancement renderings. 



*Timeline subject to change.



Review construction FAQs.

Check out this video that explains how the McKinley Water Vault works.

Check out this video that explains how the Combined Sewer System works.