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Residential Water Wise Services

Water Wise Services to Help Save Water at Home and in the Community

We’re here to help. The City of Sacramento Department of Utilities offers several programs to help you save water including a rebate program for multiple improvements around your home. Many of the rebates will require a pre-qualification visit. Start with a free Water Wise House Call. We can help you determine your current water efficiency and identify ways to save even more. Schedule your free Water Wise House Call today to get saving!

Water Wise House Calls – To Help Residents Save Water at home

Want to reduce your family’s water use? The City can help you find ways to save water with a Water Wise House Call. As part of this free service, a City Water Conservation Specialist will walk with you through your home and property to help find ways to save water, help you set your sprinkler timer, and bring free water-saving tools like WaterSense high-efficiency showerheads, automatic shut-off nozzles for hoses, and aerators for sinks. They can even pre-qualify you for available rebates!

To schedule your free Water Wise House Call, please call 311 or (916) 264-5011.

Leak Free Sacramento

The City offers no-cost direct install leak repair assistance to eligible single-family homes. Have a City-approved contractor come to your home to evaluate leaks and make repairs for free. Repairs apply to both indoor and outdoor leaks. This program may also reduce future water and energy costs.

For more information visit Leak Free Sacramento, call Leak-Free Sacramento staff at (916) 808-5605, or send an email to

Get More Information About Your Water Consumption

Customers with recently retrofitted or installed water meters after 90 days are now eligible to sign up and access My Water. Create your account, begin viewing your water usage, and set your own leak alerts. Look for ways to use less water and make informed decisions about water efficiency in your home.

Water Misuse Reporting – Save Our Water From Going Down the Drain

We’re all in this together. Saving water requires a community-wide commitment. If you see water being misused, watering on the wrong day or time, or overwatering, please report it by:

  • Calling 311 or (916) 264-5011
  • Using the City’s free 311 app  on your smartphone.

When reporting information to the City, please be sure to include:

  • Days and times the watering is occurring
  • The address of where the water misuse is taking place
  • Any pattern to the watering, like the frequency of the watering (for example, every other day at 5pm) or for how long the watering is taking place.

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