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Ensuring Reliability

The City of Sacramento currently is investigating work performed by Teichert Construction on the Accelerated Water Meter Program (AWMP), following the discovery that Teichert conducted non-compliant and/or deficient installation in several instances. The City has asked Teichert to identify all locations where it performed non-compliant and/or deficient work, but Teichert repeatedly has refused. Therefore, the City has launched its own independent investigation.

The City will conduct inspections of residential water meters from Nov. 30, 2020 through March 12, 2021. Customers will receive a letter in the mail informing them of the inspection date as well as a door hanger 24 hours in advance of the inspection. The work is expected to take a few hours and be completed in a single day. Typical inspection work hours are weekdays from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The City is committed to protecting its ratepayers and ensuring they receive the reliable water-infrastructure upgrades they expect. Here is an FAQ for ratepayers about the AWMP and the investigation into Teichert’s work: 

What non-compliant and/or deficient work did Teichert perform on the AWMP?

Teichert did not install water meters in compliance with the contract documents. Compliance with the contract documents is imperative to the meters and their component parts functioning properly, ensuring the longevity of the equipment.

Which neighborhoods are affected by this?

Teichert worked in several different neighborhoods across Sacramento. It has not yet been determined if all these neighborhoods are affected by the non-compliant and/or deficient work. The neighborhoods Teichert worked in include: North Sacramento, Tradewinds, Golf Course Terrace, Meadowview, South Land Park, Fruitridge, Glen Elder, Land Park, East Sacramento, Parker Homes, Sierra Oaks, Lawrence Park, Fruitridge Manor and Tahoe Park.

Will an improperly installed meter affect my water service or bill?

The City does not expect the non-compliant and/or deficient work by Teichert to affect your current water service or bill. The City’s main concerns about improper installation relate to the overall longevity of the equipment. However, if you have a question about your bill, please contact customer billing at 916-808-5454 or email

Can I have someone inspect my meter to find out if it is improperly installed?

If you have concerns about your meter you should contact the water meter hotline at 916-808-5870 or email

How did the City first learn about the non-compliant and/or deficient work from Teichert?

The City first learned of Teichert’s non-compliant and/or deficient work when a call from a resident led to the identification of a sunken meter box in a recent installation. The City spot checked other locations and found additional non-compliant and/or deficient work. The City repeatedly has asked Teichert to disclose all locations where it improperly installed water meters. So far, Teichert has refused to provide that information.

Was the City inspecting the meter installations?

The City hired Psomas, an engineering services company, to perform project management and inspection work on its behalf. As part of the contract, Psomas inspects project installations and reports issues or concerns to the City.

What are the next steps for the City?

The City is working with an outside consultant who will perform an independent investigation to determine the extent of the non-compliant and/or deficient work from Teichert.

Could ratepayers end up footing the bill for Teichert’s non-compliant and/or deficient work?

The City intends to hold Teichert accountable for the improper installations, thereby protecting its ratepayers.

Will the City’s water meter program will be delayed because of this issue?

No. The City does not expect that the overall meter installation project will be delayed.