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What to Expect during Construction


Before construction begins in your neighborhood, you will receive a notification from the City regarding the upcoming project. Often times, the notification will also include information about a community meeting being hosted by one of our project managers so that they can describe the project and its impacts to you and your neighbors. After the City’s contractors are given permission to start the project in your area, street notification signs will be placed throughout your neighborhood. Utility location will be marked on your street with chalk paint up to 28 days prior to work adjacent to your property. In instances where utilities sit adjacent to large trees, a City arborist will be consulted to minimize impacts from construction.

Before work begins on your property, you will receive an Advanced Public Notification at least seven days prior to work (placed on your door). You will also receive a Next Working Day notice one day prior to work asking you to provide access to your property or turn off your water for a short period of time (maximum shut off would be 4 hours). All notices will include our informational hotline phone number and water meter email address for contact if needed.


The water meter for your property will be placed in a rectangular (28" x 18") meter box with a concrete or Fibre-lyte lid flush with the existing landscape grade. Lids can also be painted by property owners if located within the landscape area.

Pre-construction photographs will be taken of all properties within the project area. The contractor is required to return landscape areas to pre-construction conditions. If you feel that has not been accomplished when work is complete, a City project manager and inspector will review the pre-construction photographs to determine if additional work is required by the Contractor to bring the landscaping around the meter box back to its original condition.

Often the work in a neighborhood will take several days to complete. City crews and contractors will ensure that you always have access to and from your home during construction.


After City crews and contractors have completed all meter installation, you may see additional workers in the area. City crews or contractors may be making repairs to street surfaces or sidewalks. City contractors will also be in the area working to construct the City’s Automated Meter Infrastructure (AMI) system. AMI is a network of transponders and transmitters that will send water meter read via wireless connection to the City’s Utility Billing and Operations centers.

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