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Drinking Water Sources

Drinking water in the City of Sacramento comes from two main sources: surface water and ground water.

About 80 percent of drinking water comes from surface water sources, such as the Sacramento and American Rivers.

The other 20 percent comes from wells, which pump water from an underground layer of rock that holds water. 

Contact Us

People with questions about their drinking water can contact the City's water quality lab


Drinking Water Data

The Department of Utilities provides a portal for drinking water quality, which provides information on substances that area tested for to ensure drinking water is safe.

More than 120 constituents are monitored at 75 testing locations and published on the portal.

Data Portal


There are three main reports published on water: a Consumer Confidence Report, an Urban Water Management Plan and a Public Health Goals report.

A Consumer Confidence Report provides yearly information to customers about water quality.

An Urban Water Management Plan assesses water supplies, projects water needs in the future and helps ensure reliable water service.

A Public Health Goalsreport, is published every three years if water quality measurements have exceeded a certain amount.