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Downtown Developer Toolkit

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The Downtown Developer Toolkit incorporates policies, processes, incentives and resources to assist in the development of residential projects downtown.

Sacramento Streamline

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Sacramento Streamline is the Community Development Department's initiative to provide expedited services to customers. Any new processes that improve the way we do business are added to the Sacramento Streamline page.

Natomas Basin

Sacramento Skyline

What is changing in the Natomas Basin, and when can construction begin?

For more details about the Natomas Basin continue checking our Natomas Basin webpage. 


The City of Sacramento invites those who live and work in Sacramento to complete an online survey that will be used as part of the City’s 2035 General Plan annual report and will help capture the community’s perspective on livability and quality of life. Take five minutes to Rate Sacramento 2016

Read more information about the Housing Impact Fee - the citywide Mixed Income Housing Ordinance.

The Electronic Plan Check Program has Expanded! You can now submit electronically for Residential Projects and Residential Subdivisions in addition to Commercial Projects. For details, visit our Electronic Plan Check page.

Need to visit our public counter? View our live counter wait times dashboard so you can determine how long the estimated wait times are and plan your visit accordingly.

On January 1, 2014 a new State Law went into effect which applies to all single family residences built before January 1, 1994. This legislation requires water conserving plumbing fixtures be installed throughout the home as a condition of building permits applied for after January 1, 2014.  Read more ...


Feb 05 - From enhancing livability to expanding economic development, transportation projects help create smart growth strategies the City needs in order to thrive. As Sacramento continues to evolve, the City must maintain, design, and construct new infrastructure improvements. Do you have ideas on how the City can improve its transportation network? We would like to hear from you through our online survey… Read Post

Feb 03 - It’s a cold evening in late January in Sacramento. About 100 people gather for dinner, some festivities, and a warm place to sleep. The meal is simple but filling; the activities, goofy and energetic, bringing smiles to those that partake. The place to sleep? A rotund outer area of a worship center, that of Arcade Church in the Arden-Arcade Area. The “guests” here aren’t members of the congregation, they are homeless and are settling in for a night’s rest at what’s known as Winter Sanctuary. Read Post