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Our goal at the Sacramento Fire Department is to provide excellent customer service to our community. As our customer, your input is very important to us.


Surveys are a critical part of our ability to continually improve our service to you and we appreciate you taking a few minutes to provide your feedback.

Patient Satisfaction Survey (ambulance transport)

Customer Satisfaction Survey 

Community Expectations Survey


Proposed Fire Code Amendments


Apr 27 - KITTY CAM: Helmet camera footage from yesterday shows firefighters from Engine 12 rescuing a cat that had been stuck in a tree for three days. After a brief bit of coaxing, kitty finally gets a firm grab by the scruff of the neck and is brought down safely to a very happy owner and a can of tuna. Nice job Engine 12! Read Post

Apr 25 - As the recruits began Week Eight, we are proud to announce that the Sacramento Fire Academy has become an official California State Accredited Local Academy. After a year long process that included updating the curriculum and testing procedures to be more closely aligned with NFPA standards, the Academy becomes just the 16th accredited Local Academy in the entire state. Congratulations to the Academy staff and the training division for their hard work! Read Post

Apr 23 - Battalion 2 training at Station 56 today. Firefighters studying fire and smoke behavior and flow paths on model homes helps them to read smoke on larger incidents, and understand what conditions exist inside of the building. Read Post

Apr 21 - A garage fire in a home on La Riviera Drive in Sacramento today has once again shown the importance of fire-rated doors in homes with connected garages. The first half of the video shows the heavy fire conditions that met firefighters upon arrival, the second half shows the conditions in the garage and inside of the home after the fire. Two adults were able to evacuate safely and the living quarters of their home are largely undamaged, while fire raged in the garage and a vehicle was a complete loss. Please ensure these connecting doors remain closed at all times. It may save your life! Read Post

Apr 20 - Sacramento Firefighters are training this week at the Cosumnes Fire Department training grounds on confined space rescue techniques. This specialized training allows rescuers to enter small, confined areas to rescue downed workers or others who might be trapped. Read Post

Message from the Chief

Sacramento Fire Department Chief Walt White

Welcome to the Sacramento Fire Department website! 

We view our website as a means to connect with the community we serve; to provide you with the information and level of service you desire. It is important that our website is easy to navigate, educational, and has current and relevant information for you to use. We envision a multitude of uses for this media and yet, staying connected to you is the primary reason. 

As our customer, your feedback is very important to us. We welcome your comments and suggestions and encourage you to provide your input by taking one of our surveys to let us know how we are doing.

Thank you!


Career Information


The Sacramento Fire Department offers careers with benefits, varied work assignments, and unlimited opportunity. Most provide an opportunity that doesn’t tie you to a desk, but takes you into the community to meet people and resolve real world problems where you’ll see the tangible results of your efforts while building an insurmountable set of problem solving skills. Read more...