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Our goal at the Sacramento Fire Department is to provide excellent customer service to our community. As our customer, your input is very important to us.


Surveys are a critical part of our ability to continually improve our service to you and we appreciate you taking a few minutes to provide your feedback.

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Proposed Fire Code Amendments


Feb 15 - In Memoriam: One year ago yesterday, the Sacramento Fire Department lost one of our own when Firefighter Billy Lewis took his own life. Billy struggled for many years with the stresses and horrors that he experienced in his 20-year career in the fire service, and finally he lost his battle. In recent years, the effects of PTSD on firefighters and other first responders has become increasingly well documented, and it is a sad fact that suicide among emergency services personnel is on the rise across the United States. The Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance is doing great work helping those in need and raising awareness of this issue, and the International Firefighter's Union (IAFF) has also taken big strides towards implementing behavioral health programs designed to help their members. Please direct those who you think might need help to these resources. Here at home, the Sacramento Fire Department has expanded and strengthened our internal network of help and outreach, supporting our own personnel who may be having trouble, and making available counseling, peer support, and other options for those who need help. We are working actively to remove the stigma that was once associated with asking for help, and turning away from a fire service culture that has traditionally required firefighters to "Suck it Up" and internalize the traumas they experience. We are sorry to say that Billy's suicide was not the first in our department in recent years, but we are working hard to try and make sure that it is the last. Rest in peace, Billy, from your entire Sacramento Fire Family. Read Post

Feb 13 - Sacramento firefighter Ryan Gardner and Sacramento Metropolitan firefighter Tyler Craft came down from the aerial tower last night after spending four days in the air for the annual "Fill the Boot for Burns" fund raiser. With hard work and dedication, hundreds of firefighters and volunteers from around Northern California were able to raise $149,000 for the Firefighters Burn Institute, a new record for the Boot Drive event. Thank you to all who came out and supported this worthy cause! Read Post

Feb 11 - Young Jonathan recently had a setback which landed him in the UC Davis Medical Center for an extended stay. When the crew from Engine 20 on the B shift found out that Jonathan likes firefighters, they planned a surprise visit. Captain John Clark, Engineer Matt Nelson, and Firefighters Kevin Ashley and Ryan Leach got a special set of junior sized turnouts made, as well as bringing a fire helmet and some T-shirts. Jonathan was very happy to see the crew, and is looking forward to going for a ride-along on Engine 20 when he gets out. Best wishes for good health Jonathan, from your entire Sacramento Fire family! And many thanks to ESEF Apparel of Vacaville for donating the turnout letters and embroidery. Read Post

Feb 11 - Sacramento Firefighter Ryan Gardner and Sacramento Metropolitan firefighter Tyler Craft spend all four days of the annual "Fill the Boot for Burns" Boot Drive fundraiser aloft in an aerial ladder basket and training tower. They are now more than 50 hours into their adventure. Ryan and Tyler are often asked the question how they stay up in the air for four days without going crazy. Turns out, the answer might be baby wipes, pistachios, and lots of mom's homemade beef jerky. Although the boys are showing signs that they may be starting to crack, we are assured that they will be at the corner of Greenback and Sunrise collecting money for the duration. Please stop by and donate to this worthy cause which benefits the Firefighters Burn Institute. Read Post

Feb 09 - Sacramento Fire rescue and boat crews had a busy time this evening with four people rescued in three separate incidents. With water releases from Folsom and Nimbus Dams reaching a season-high 80,000 CFS today, huge amounts of water are coming down the American River. Several areas that haven't seen high water in many years are now islands, and victims had to be plucked off and brought to shore. Read Post

Message from the Chief

Sacramento Fire Department Chief Walt White

Welcome to the Sacramento Fire Department website! 

We view our website as a means to connect with the community we serve; to provide you with the information and level of service you desire. It is important that our website is easy to navigate, educational, and has current and relevant information for you to use. We envision a multitude of uses for this media and yet, staying connected to you is the primary reason. 

As our customer, your feedback is very important to us. We welcome your comments and suggestions and encourage you to provide your input by taking one of our surveys to let us know how we are doing.

Thank you!


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The Sacramento Fire Department offers careers with benefits, varied work assignments, and unlimited opportunity. Most provide an opportunity that doesn’t tie you to a desk, but takes you into the community to meet people and resolve real world problems where you’ll see the tangible results of your efforts while building an insurmountable set of problem solving skills. Read more...