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Our goal at the Sacramento Fire Department is to provide excellent customer service to our community. As our customer, your input is very important to us.


Surveys are a critical part of our ability to continually improve our service to you and we appreciate you taking a few minutes to provide your feedback.

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Proposed Fire Code Amendments


Oct 20 - Firefighter Mike Thawley returned with his family to the Front Street Animal Shelter today. The group was there to bring foster puppy Chunk home. Chunk was rescued by Mike and the rest of the crew from Engine 14 last Sunday, and has been rehabilitating at the shelter. Although Mike denies it, it appears by a vote of four to one that Chunk might wind up with a permanent home! Thank you to Bobby Mann and the rest of the staff at Front Street Animal Shelter for continued outstanding service to our city. Please consider donating time or money to this worthy organization. Read Post

Oct 19 - HELMET CAMERA FOOTAGE: A fire in a vacant home in Sacramento last night was captured by two separate firefighters wearing helmet cameras on the same incident. This is the "first person" view from the same fire posted here earlier today. In the first half of the video, the nozzle firefighter from Engine 6 pulls hose from the engine up to the front yard, showing the extremely heavy fire and smoke conditions that met the crew upon arrival. The hose team then uses a transitional attack through the front and side windows to knock down some of the fire and cool the front rooms before moving onto the porch and attempting entry through the front door. Watch as the Engine captain repeatedly sounds the floorboards of the porch and just inside the front door as the crew advances. Finding the floor weakened by fire and full of holes, he instructs the hose team to retreat back to the front yard and a defensive attack. The second half of the video shows firefighters from Truck 6 go through the side yard of the vacant house next door, force entry on the back door, and search the home to make sure it was empty. This fire was one of three fires in this neighborhood last night, and fire investigators have determined that two of the fires were intentionally set. The investigation continues. Read Post

Oct 19 - First arriving crews found heavy smoke and fire at a vacant home in the 3700 block of 7th Avenue in Sacramento's Oak Park neighborhood at 12:30 this morning. Engines 6, 12, 56, and 4 and Trucks 5 and 6 fought through extreme fire conditions to extinguish the blaze and stop the fire from spreading to the exposure home on the left. There was no one home, there were no injuries, and the cause is under investigation. Read Post

Oct 18 - The 13 recruits from Lateral Academy class 16–3 are preparing for their Mod One final this coming Friday. Evolutions practiced today included the tank line pull, forcible entry, and hooking up to a fire hydrant. Looking good, 16-3, best of luck on Friday! Read Post

Oct 18 - If you have recently taken the Firefighter Candidate Testing Center test and are interested in becoming a Sacramento Firefighter, please check your email inbox. Notifications went out this week to qualified candidates for an academy to begin in January, 2017. Please CHECK SPAM AND JUNK FOLDERS, as sometimes the emails can slip by. If you did not receive a notification, but believe you should have, please contact the Public Information Officer at (916)216-0316. Thank you, and GOOD LUCK! Read Post

Message from the Chief

Sacramento Fire Department Chief Walt White

Welcome to the Sacramento Fire Department website! 

We view our website as a means to connect with the community we serve; to provide you with the information and level of service you desire. It is important that our website is easy to navigate, educational, and has current and relevant information for you to use. We envision a multitude of uses for this media and yet, staying connected to you is the primary reason. 

As our customer, your feedback is very important to us. We welcome your comments and suggestions and encourage you to provide your input by taking one of our surveys to let us know how we are doing.

Thank you!


Career Information


The Sacramento Fire Department offers careers with benefits, varied work assignments, and unlimited opportunity. Most provide an opportunity that doesn’t tie you to a desk, but takes you into the community to meet people and resolve real world problems where you’ll see the tangible results of your efforts while building an insurmountable set of problem solving skills. Read more...