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Our goal at the Sacramento Fire Department is to provide excellent customer service to our community. As our customer, your input is very important to us.


Surveys are a critical part of our ability to continually improve our service to you and we appreciate you taking a few minutes to provide your feedback.

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Aug 23 - After Friday's graduation ceremony, yesterday was the first day on the job for our brand new "B" Shift firefighters. For many, it was their first day ever working at a firehouse, and the first day of their fire careers. Senior firefighters, captains, and battalion chiefs immediately immersed them in orientation, training, and more training. These probationary firefighters will stay extremely busy for the next 12 months, with a steady regimen of drills and studying on top of the many emergency calls they will run in our busy system. Congratulations to all, and welcome to the Sacramento Fire Family! Read Post

Aug 19 - Congratulations to Sacramento Fire Academy Class 17–1, and welcome to the Fire Family! UC Davis Fire Department West Sacramento Fire Department El Dorado County Fire Protection District Read Post

Aug 18 - Tonight, the 40 recruits of Sacramento Fire Academy Class 17-1 will graduate in a ceremony at the Crest Theatre on K Street, and the public is invited to attend. Please join us and help us the celebrate the accomplishments of these individuals and their families. In recent academies, a new tradition has arisen, that of the "Thirty Hour Shift". In 24 hard weeks, the recruits have acquired many new skills and techniques. Last week at the academy, all of those skills and more were tested in the Thirty Hour Shift, which simulates a normal long day in a busy firehouse. The recruits arrive in the morning and set up cots and bedding in the academy warehouse, and begin the normal chores of the day. Cleaning, checking equipment, training, cooking, and studying are interrupted constantly by academy staff and Sacramento firefighters that continually dispatch the recruits on a variety of simulated real-life calls. The recruits respond in fire engines and ambulances to various locations around the academy grounds for medical aids, dumpster fires, car fires, gas leaks, house fires, vehicle collisions, commercial alarms, and a myriad of other emergencies. They must think on their feet, use all of their new-found knowledge and protocols to solve real-time problems, and be prepared for the unknown. They are given little time to rest and clean up before the next call is dispatched. At night, just as they are snoozing comfortably in their cots, the pace of the calls picks up. For many of the recruits with no prior fire service experience, it is the first time they have been woken up repeatedly through the night and forced to focus on the tasks at hand. As night turns into day, the calls continue, until finally after 30 long hours, the recruits do one final clean up and are released to go home and sleep. The experience is one last burst of real-world training before the recruits graduate into full-time firefighters and are assigned to their fire houses. UC Davis Fire Department West Sacramento Fire Department El Dorado County Fire Protection District Read Post

Aug 17 - Sacramento Fire Academy class 17-1 atop the Wells Fargo building in downtown Sacramento after climbing 78 stories. Read Post

Aug 17 - After a long and sometimes grueling 24 weeks, the 40 recruits of the Sacramento Fire Academy graduate tomorrow. Today, the recruits were up before dawn to participate in the traditional downtown tower climb. This year, the recruits climbed the 34 story Wells Fargo building TWICE, in full turnout gear and carrying high-rise hose bundles. Once on top, they paused for a few moments of reflection and anticipation of their coming careers. Good job 17-1! West Sacramento Fire Department UC Davis Fire Department El Dorado County Fire Protection District Read Post

Message from the Chief

Sacramento Fire Department Chief Walt White

Welcome to the Sacramento Fire Department website! 

We view our website as a means to connect with the community we serve; to provide you with the information and level of service you desire. It is important that our website is easy to navigate, educational, and has current and relevant information for you to use. We envision a multitude of uses for this media and yet, staying connected to you is the primary reason. 

As our customer, your feedback is very important to us. We welcome your comments and suggestions and encourage you to provide your input by taking one of our surveys to let us know how we are doing.

Thank you!


Career Information


The Sacramento Fire Department offers careers with benefits, varied work assignments, and unlimited opportunity. Most provide an opportunity that doesn’t tie you to a desk, but takes you into the community to meet people and resolve real world problems where you’ll see the tangible results of your efforts while building an insurmountable set of problem solving skills. Read more...


In early 2018, the Cal-JAC Academy will take a group of hard-working, dedicated candidates through the entry-level steps needed to launch a career as a firefighter.  Covering firefighter physical ability testing, entry-level written exam and a nationally registered Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) course. The Cal-JAC Academy represents a rigorous and comprehensive pathway for those serious about beginning a career as a first responder.  Applications will be accepted from August 1 - October 1, 2017. For more information call (916) 648-1717 or go to: