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Robertson Community Center

Room Rental Information


The Center has various rooms that range in capacity and shape to fit your event needs. Our rooms are booked for meetings, workshops, public forums, training, private and special events.

For room reservation and availability please contact our front desk (916) 808-6419. To access rental forms and information on-line, please click here.

The Spot! Assembly Room A
Robertson Community Center-The Spot! -a room which is for exclusive use for center programs and activities Assembly Room A--Robertson Community Center
Not available for rentals - exclusive use for center programs and activities.
Room Capacity:
75 Banquet Style / 100 Theater Style

Assembly Room B Kitchen
Assembly Room B--Robertson Community Center Kitchen--Robertson Community Center
Room Capacity:
75 Banquet style / 100 Theater style.

Kitchen without Ice Machine (K1)

Arts and Crafts Room Wellness Room
Arts and Crafts Room--Robertson Community Center Wellness Room--Robertson Community Center
Room Capacity: 30 Maximum - Tables are stationary and cannot be removed.

Not available for rentals - Public may join this exercise room for $15 per month -
no initiation fees!

Lounge Game Room
Robertson Community Center Lounge Game Room--Robertson Community Center
Room Capacity:
25 Banquet Style / 40 Theater Style
Not available for rentals - exclusive use for center programs and activities.

Robertson Park Park Amenities
Robertson Park Robertson Park Amenities
Basketball Courts
Basketball Courts at Robertson Community Center and Park

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