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Floodgate Testing

Natomas Tree Refund

A tree in Sacramento.

Fees were collected for street trees in planned unit developments on about 15,498 parcels in North Natomas. However, the developers of these subdivisions chose instead to plant trees on their own. Therefore, the City is returning the fee, following City Council approval on March 24, 2015.

Stay Informed

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Expanding Public Works

The Department of Public Works has recently expanded to include

Recycling & Solid Waste logo banner

Fleet Services Division of the Department of Public Works

Facilities Division of the Department of Public Works

The expanded department represents a staff of over 750 employees working hard to deliver projects, providing services and programs to the greater Sacramento Community! Please feel free to contact us if you have questions, or would like to share your experience with our customer service.


Aug 24 - The Sacramento Fire Department hard at work training. Just another way the City is preparing for the opening of #Golden1Center Read Post

Aug 22 - -Two water quality concerns related to aesthetics have been reported. These two aesthetic concerns are temporary, separate and not related in any way.- The first is that water in the South area of the City has been described as “mossy” or “earthy” in flavor recently. The water is safe to drink. We want to let our customers know that the taste can be affected by lower water levels in the Sacramento and American rivers and higher water temperatures. This causes naturally occurring bacteria that affect the taste of the water, but pose no health risk. This happens around this time of year when it’s hot and dry. As temperatures start to cool, the taste and odor issue will eventually disappear. To alleviate the earthy taste, the City’s water quality superintendent recommends adding lemon to the water or placing tap water in the refrigerator to cool it down. The second is related to a report from a citizen in the Pocket area who observed particles in the water. This is not uncommon when construction is taking place nearby. During construction, pipes can be disturbed and this can cause dislodging of particles from the pipe surface. This also poses no health risk. The City recommends flushing cold water lines until the water runs clear again. If you have any questions or concerns, please call 311. Read Post

Aug 22 - Just a reminder, RFPs for leasing opportunities at Sacramento Valley Station due this Friday! Read Post

Aug 19 - "Welcome to the railyard" Read Post

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