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The Recycling and Solid Waste Division provides garbage, recycling, yard waste collection and street sweeping to more than 124,000 residential customers in the City of Sacramento.

Find your recycle week and sign up for recycle text alerts.

RSW News

christmas tree with recycle logo on star topper
Recycle your Christmas Tree with help from the City. 

Midtown Parking Access Pilot RSW is piloting once-a-month parking restrictions in part of midtown to match service levels with access and provide more parking.

image of broken containerService requests for broken or missing containers can be made online at Sac 311.

Seasonal Services

Leaf Season Nov - Jan

Residential leaf pile pickup occurs approximately every two weeks from October 31, 2016 through January 29, 2017. Crews work rain or shine, including holidays. Learn about the collection schedule and how to have a pile with style.

Recycle Oil, Batteries & Bulbs

Oil, batteries and light bulbs take special handling. We'll pick them up with an appointment

Oil and filter recycle logo


Jan 20 - City residential yard waste customers can use the leaf season service, which continues until January 31, 2017, for some tree limbs and yard debris that has blown down as a result of recent storms. Please note there are size limitations to what can be picked up by the City. Learn more at Read Post

Jan 20 - Best option is to donate or reuse clothing, otherwise they need to go in the garbage can, not the recycling. Read Post

Jan 19 - Have you worn out the batteries from all your new gadgets? Find recycling options for City residential customers: Read Post

Jan 18 - Aerosol cans with product in them should be treated as hazardous waste. Learn how to recycle them here: Read Post

Jan 13 - Is it time to put your garbage can on a diet? Try these tips! Read Post