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Collection Calendar

Customers can view, download, and print a service calendar specific to their address. Residents can also get weekly reminders via text or email about collection and street sweeping with the option to customize the time and type of reminder they would like to receive.

Street Sweeping Calendar Online

Street sweeping dates for all service addresses are part of the collection calendar. This also includes service alerts for sweeping make-up days.  If a sweeping route cannot be completed, a notice will be sent to impacted customers who have signed up for text and email reminders. A sweeping make-up day will be posted on the calendar, usually within the same week as the originally scheduled sweeping day.  For more information on frequency of service and billing, visit our street sweeping page.

Your Address Missing? 

Calendars are specific for each customer’s address and are tied to the billing address

  • For duplex’s to fourplexes, if you don't see your address, use one of the other addresses that is associated with the property. Only one of the unit addresses is tied to the billing address which is tied to the calendar. 
  • Commercial properties, such as businesses or apartment buildings, which have private garbage service, will see only sweeping dates. 
  • New homes will have addresses added within 30 days of occupancy.  

Want to modify or cancel your reminder?

Set up an Email Reminder
Click the "Cancel or Modify this reminder" link at the bottom of the email reminder

Sign up to Receive Text Messages
Reply to the text reminder with the word "Cancel" or with updated information