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C&D Debris Recycling Ordinance

Certain construction projects in the city require that 50 percent of all debris generated during the course of a project must be recycled.

Waste Management Plan | Waste Log 

Projects that must recycle debris:

All New Construction

All Demolition Permits

Job valuation not a factor
New building construction
First tenant improvements

  • Exemptions:
    Detached residential garages
    Residential in-ground pools
    Residential prefabricated structures (sheds, etc.)
    Commercial projects are not exempt.

Job valuation not a factor
Structural demolition (down-to-the-ground)
Interior demolition

  • Exemptions:
    Demolitions due to fire damage are exempt because their purpose is to correct an unsafe situation. You must have a report from City Fire or Code Enforcement verifying the fire to receive this exception. Remodeling due to fire damage is not exempt.

Job Value of $250,000 or More

Any construction permit where the job value is $250,000 or more is required to recycle debris.

Valuation is determined by the City Community Development Department.


The administration is 0.04% of the job valuation. For example:

If valuation is:

Fee is:















Minimum Fee: $40

Maximum Fee: $800

City Recycling and Solid Waste staff will calculate the fee, which is paid when the permit is pulled.

How do I comply?

Step 1:

Fill out WMP

Fill out the form Construction & Demolition Waste Management Plan (WMP). Forms that do not clearly indicate

Step 2:

Submit WMP

Submit the WMP to the Solid Waste and Recycling Division, C&D Debris Waste Management Plan

  • City of Sacramento Solid Waste Services
    2812 Meadowview Road, Building 1
    Sacramento, CA 95832
    Phone: (916) 808-0965 / Fax: (916) 808-4999

You may also submit a WMPÂ for a wrecking permit.

You may 1.) scan and email; 2.) mail; or 3.) drop off the WMP.

Step 3:


Solid Waste staff will review the WMP submitted, and will respond with questions, if necessary. If you scan and email, and a signature is required (i.e., a wrecking permit), we will scan the signature and email it back to you. We will also include an invoice for the administration fee (see below), which is to be paid to Solid Waste not the Community Development Department.

Step 4:

Record loads over course of project

You, or your contractor, must keep a log of all debris hauled away for disposal or recycling. Use the waste log to record these loads, and keep a copy of the weight tickets and other receipts.

Please make sure that whoever hauls the material confirms that the disposal or recycling facility knows the material is to be sorted for recycling, and not simply sent to a landfill. If there is no indication that the material was recycled, it won’t be counted towards the 50% recycling requirement.

Step 5:

Submit Waste Log
Due 30 days after project completion

Within 30 days of project completion, the applicant or contractor must submit the waste log, with a copy of the weight tickets. A copy of a report from the facility receiving the debris may be used in lieu of the waste log and tickets, as long as it shows the same information.

There are several options to submit the waste log:

  1. Scan and email to C& (preferred)

  2. Mail it to City of Sacramento, Recycling and Solid Waste, ATTN C&D Requirement, 2812 Meadowview Road, Building 1, Sacramento, CA 95832

  3. Drop it off at the above address.

Please note: Overdue waste logs will delay future waste management plan approvals, and may result in a fine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't submit the waste management plan and/or pay the fee?

An approved waste management plan is required for an application for a permit type covered by the C&D recycling requirement. The Building Division of the Community Development Department will hold the application until Solid Waste marks it approved. This includes both the completed plan and the related administration fee.

What if I don't hand in the waste log and tickets at the end of the project?

Solid Waste will not approve the next waste management plan until all due waste logs are submitted and approved. It may also result in a fine and a deposit requirement for future applications:

$50-$250 for first offense
$251-$500 for second offense
$501-$1500 for subsequent offenses

1% of project valuation (max $10,000), due with fee when applying. Only applicable if permit applicant has been fined in past 12 months.

What if I can't recycle 50% of the debris?

Solid Waste staff realizes that some projects may not generate sufficient recyclable waste to meet the 50% requirement. If that is the case, mention it when submitting the waste management plan. Staff will review these requests on a case-by-case basis.



Job Value

C&D Required?


New house



It is new construction, thus covered, even though less than $250,000 in value.

New hospital



It is new construction, as well as over $250,000.

Kitchen remodel



Job value is too low, and remodels are not covered by CALGreen, as they are not new construction.

Two-part building gutting and remodel


Yes and No

This is in two parts, because they are pulling the interior demolition permit first to see what’s in the walls. Then, once they know what’s there, they will remodel accordingly.

The interior demolition permit is subject to C&D; the remodel phase is not. But, if they had decided to do it all under one remodel permit, C&D would not have covered this.

Burned-out house



They are pulling a demolition permit to knock down an unsafe house that is posing a danger to the neighborhood. C&D exempts this type of demolition. If the applicant decides to rebuild the house, however, it would be covered, due to it being a new construction permit. There must be a report from Code Enforcement or Fire must indicating that the building is now unsafe due to the fire damage to be exempt from C&D.

Detached residential garage



Detached residential garages are exempt.

In-ground residential pool



In-ground residential pools are exempt.

Multiple small projects at one address

Combined value of $260,000


If an applicant pulls multiple permits at one address, all the job values are added together, which is used to calculate the fee. The applicant can use one waste management plan.