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Trees - Urban Forestry

Public Works employees trimming tree branches with chainsaw

Our mission: To promote a safe, sustainable and healthy urban forest for Sacramento communities

Sacramento’s urban forest provides multiple environmental, economic and aesthetic benefits for residents, businesses and visitors. Trees provide shade and reduce energy consumption. They improve air and water quality, provide habitat value, attract tourists, businesses and customers, and impart a distinct character to our city. Sacramento is a Sterling Tree City USA and is rated one of the top ten urban forests in the country. Our Urban Forestry Program maintains, sustains and enhances Sacramento's tree canopy with a variety of programs.

Certain trees require a permit to perform work on. Learn more about when a permit is required and download the form.

Tree Resources

  • Tree Facts – Get important tree care information on selection, planting, pruning, hazards and much more.
  • Trees for Your Home or Business - Learn about trees in the Sacramento area and find out how you can get involved.