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Residential Parking Permit Program


Residents applying for new permits or renewing existing accounts may do so by submitting required documentation via mail, fax or using the online Request Form. Permits will  be mailed to the address reflected on the request. 

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which permit do I qualify for?  renew or apply for residential permit permit renewal schedule
How to use permits  rpp regulations 24-hour temp permits


Effective December 1, 2020, Vehicle Permits (bumper stickers) will be discontinued for renewal areas. Virtual Vehicle Permits will be issued that utilize the vehicle license plate as the "permit number". Residents in permit areas undergoing a renewal period will receive Virtual Vehicle Permits in lieu of a sticker, while Visitor and Temporary permits will continue to be in placard form and mailed to the address reflected on the renewal request. Replacement Vehicle Permits ($25 fee) for any other permit area will continue to be in sticker form until that area converts to Virtual Vehicle Permits.

The Online Residential Permit Request Portal is available to upload required documentation for permit renewals or new permit requests. 


Program Overview

The City of Sacramento, along with many other cities, faces the on-going challenge of providing adequate on-street parking for both residents and visitors. Some residential areas are subject to a shortage of on-street parking spaces caused mainly by all-day, on-street parking by commuters who work near residential areas. Similar to the practice of other cities, the City of Sacramento established a Residential Permit Parking Program in 1979 in an effort to alleviate this problem.

Residential Permit Parking is appropriate in those areas impacted by commuter parking and where off-street parking is not adequate. Currently, Residential Permit Parking areas range from approximately 80 residential units (6 square blocks) to 3,000 residential units (78 square blocks).

There are currently over 25,000 on-street parking spaces regulated by residential permit parking regulations.

Sacramento City Code (search under Title 10 and choose Chapter 10.48)

Program Information

To learn more about terms of use or which residential permit is required for your parking needs, please select from the links below.

what are residential parking permits?

Residential parking permits allow residents to park on the street with exemptions to posted time limits and meter payments. Non-residents may park on these streets without a permit as long as the vehicle is parked within the posted time limit or if the meter is properly paid. A block face regulated by Residential Permit Parking (RPP) will have posted regulatory signage that will include the words, "Except With _ Permit". The letter reflected on the sign is the name of the permit area. View example of RPP sign. 

However, if non-residents need to park with an exemption, a residential permit (Visitor, Temporary or 24-Hour Temporary) is required. If no residential permit is displayed, then the posted time limit and/or meter payment will be enforced on the vehicle.  

There are four Residential Permit Types that are free of charge to residents with submission of the proper documentation. Replacement of damaged, lost or stolen permits are $25 each:

  • Vehicle Permit (virtual permit utilizing vehicle license plate number) 
  • Visitor Permits (placard placed on dashboard) View example
  • Temporary Permit (placard valid for specific time period) View example
  • Online 24-Hour Temporary Permit (placard valid for up to 24 hours from order)
Permits are valid for a two-year cycle, dependent upon the permit area, not when the permit was acquired. For Visitor Permits, the expiration date is printed on the permit. Residents are responsible for renewing permits on time. Renewals may be done by mail, via the online Request Form or in-person in the Revenue Division starting from the 1st day of the renewal month. (please see  Response to COVID-19, above). If mailing the request, please provide sufficient mailing time for the request to be received and processed. Permits will be mailed back to the address on the renewal application.  

new residents

If the street you live on is marked with a sign reflecting a letter permit area (i.e. F Permit Area, B Permit Area) , you may need a residential parking permit to be exempt from meter payments and time limits. Please note your permit area when applying for a permit. If you cannot determine your permit area from the posted signage, please call Sacramento City 311 at 916-264-5011 and an agent will assist. Agents are available 24/7.

There are three types of Residential Permits. Please apply for the permit(s) that you will need to accommodate parking needs for you and your visitors. New residents may initially apply in person, by mail or use the Online Residential Permit Request Portal. A completed Residential Permit Application is required, including for online requests. If you need a Virtual Vehicle Permit or Visitor Permit (placard) and have not yet received a utility bill or any proof of residency reflecting your new address, you will be issued a Temporary Permit. Once you receive your proof of residency, you must apply for your Vehicle or Visitor Permit.

A non-resident vehicle is required to pay the meter (if present). If there is only a time limit posted (no meters), the non-resident vehicle may park without a permit for the maximum time posted. If a longer parking session is needed, then the non-resident vehicle must have a Visitor or Temporary permit to park to avoid a parking citation. Moving a vehicle to another space on the side of the block or across the street from the original parking space after the time limit expires is prohibited. A vehicle must move to an entirely different block to avoid a citation for parking past the posted time limit. 

IMPORTANT: Residential parking permits do not exempt vehicles from spaces posted as "No Parking Any Time" or on days when the posted signage reflects days and times parking is prohibited to accommodate street or city services. Residential parking permit holders are prohibited from parking in spaces designated for Disabled Person Parking unless a valid DP placard or license plate is displayed. 

online 24-hour temporary residential permits

Online Temporary parking permits are available to residents with valid Vehicle or Visitor permits to provide parking for their guests. Each online Temporary parking permit is good for up to 24 hours of parking. LEARN MORE



resident accommodations for larger parties or events

Residents who plan to host larger gatherings or parties may contact Sacramento City 311 a minimum of 48 hours prior to the event to request an accommodation by Parking Enforcement for their gathering. Requests may also be emailed to Residents are responsible for notifying their neighbors of their gathering as any complaints reported to Parking Enforcement by neighbors will result in officer response to the site. Re-occurring weekly events are not eligible for this service.

Customer Service Office

Applications and pick up of Residential permits are available at the Revenue Division. Permits are free of charge. All required documentation must be submitted in order to receive a permit during your visit. Replacement permits are $25 per permit. Requests to receive permits by mail must be made within a reasonable time before current permit expires. Questions may be directed to (916) 264-5011.