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Transportation Division

Photo of a roundabout for the transportation division's web site

The Transportation Division’s primary focus is maintaining and enhancing traffic operations, traffic safety and multimodal mobility for our citizens and customers. The Division has several unique business lines and is responsible for traffic operations, design, management, studies, entitlements, education, investigation, traffic signs and markings, and traffic signals and street lighting. Transportation staff manages many projects such as transportation studies for new development areas and controlling the traffic operations center. The programs managed by the Division range from bicycle and pedestrians to angle parking and children’s education about traffic safety.

Maintenance functions of traffic signals, signs and street lighting ranges from new installations to repairing knocked down street signs and reinstalling stolen copper wire to reestablish neighborhood lighting. To report street lights or traffic signals that are out, missing/knocked down street signs, or other repairs needed, you can call 311 (within the City) or 916-264-5011 (outside the City), use the 311 smartphone app, or contact us by email.

All Public Records Act (PRA) requests are made by contacting the City Clerk’s Office.