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Scale Up Sacramento

Scaleup Sacramento: An Inclusive Economic Action Agenda

ScaleUp Sacramento examines the regional economy and identifies opportunities to drive our region’s growth by prioritizing new strategies to help create economic mobility and opportunity for all residents. The Sacramento City Council adopted ScaleUp Sacramento on January 26, 2021. 

ScaleUp Sacramento Documents

Inclusive Growth

Sacramento cannot thrive without involving every neighborhood and resident. As a core tenet and imperative of Sacramento’s efforts to thrive in the Next Economy, we must seek to position underserved and underrepresented people and communities as leading owners, drivers and beneficiaries of enormous growth opportunities. This is especially critical given the disparity our city’s people of color currently face in educational attainment, job accessibility, employment in high-tech jobs and more. 

Each market analysis, opportunity and strategy is informed by and intended to accomplish the goal of inclusion. 

In shaping policies and practices to guide Sacramento to future prosperity, we will continually prioritize inclusive practices across four dimensions:

  • EMPLOYMENT: Ensuring that workers of all skill levels and backgrounds are prepared, matched and upskilled for quality jobs with strong career ladders.
  • OWNERSHIP:  Growing company ownership by people of color to generate wealth, find opportunities in high-growth industries, and secure real estate ownership in residential, commercial and industrial development opportunities.
  • LOCATION: Placing and supporting firms in areas that are readily accessible to disadvantaged populations.
  • PARTICIPATION: Ensuring diverse representation of all races, genders, backgrounds, national origins, etc., at private, public and civic sector “tables” where growth strategies and economic policies are shaped.

How We Will Do This

The moment is right for us to build upon our region’s distinctive strengths and secure a competitive position in the global economy that will generate sustained, inclusive growth. ScaleUp identifies five key drivers of growth, or market levers, as keys to advancing and prioritizing near-term action to make tangible progress on economic prosperity:

  1. Industry Clusters
  2. The Future Work Force
  3. Innovation + Entrepreneurship
  4. Integrated Regional And Neighborhood Development
  5. Connected Cross-sector Economy

To implement this approach, we have outlined a series of strategies and initiatives, aligned with these five levers, that will guide the City in prioritizing policies, programs, projects and initiatives as we grow an inclusive, prosperous economy.

Work Underway

The city has already undertaken or invested in numerous efforts that support inclusive economic development and are well aligned with the proposed initiatives. Some of those include the following: