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Downtown Sewer Upgrade

Learn more about the Downtown Sewer Upgrade and what to expect during construction. Sign-up to receive RSS feeds when new project updates such as monthly e-Newsletters and traffic alerts are posted.

Rate Adjustments

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City Council agrees to four-year water and wastewater rate adjustments

Water Infrastructure Improvement Program

Installed Meter

Read more about our water main pipeline & meter projects. For updates about the projects, please read our current newsletter.

Utility News

Do Not Drink Notice Lifted: The "Do Not Drink" notice has been lifted for the area bounded by Pell Drive, Norwood Ave., Main Ave. and I-80. Please review the FAQs. Additional questions? Call 311 or 916-264-5011.

Customers with recently retrofitted or installed water meters after 90 days can now sign up and access My Water. Create your account and begin viewing you water usage today.

Drink Up! Your city drinking water is the highest quality. 

City Utilities and Sac State work together to reduce impacts of run off to the American River.

City reduces storm drainage service rates for property owners of vacant commercial properties

City Council agrees to four-year water and wastewater rate adjustments

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City park watering on a Monday? Find out why.

River-Friendly Landscape Rebate Program  provides rebates for turf replacement.

City Watering Schedule

Spring Watering

Not sure when you can water and when the schedule changes? Visit our website to learn about our spring/summer and fall/winter watering guidelines.

Water Wise Calls

Water Wise House Call
Schedule a free visit with a water conservation specialist to find the best ways to save water, get tips and tools, and find out if you qualify for rebates!


Oct 18 - The City of Sacramento, Government Department of Utilities is lifting the "Do Not Drink” advisory that was issued yesterday to the limited area south of Main Ave., west of Norwood Ave., east of Pell Drive, and north of Interstate 80 in North Sacramento. There is no further indication of possible contamination and the water is safe to drink. Flushing of fire hydrants in the area has resolved the color issue and the City continues to investigate the possible causes. Laboratory results indicate that water samples are normal. The City will continue to monitor this area daily for at least a week to ensure the issue does not reoccur. City residents can contact the City of Sacramento at 311 or 264-5011 with any comments or questions. Read Post

Oct 18 - A "Do Not Drink" notice has been issued for a small section of the City of Sacramento, Government near Norwood and I-80 in response to reports of discoloration. Please see the map for the exact location. Bottled water is being provided to the schools in the area and city staff is in the area. UPDATE: Bottled water is now available for residents at Robla Park. UPDATED: We expect to know around 4:30 pm whether or not there is any health risk. We will update our social media and website as more information is available. Read Post

Oct 18 - FOG are Fats, Oils and Grease and they should never go down your drain! Remember, Pour it. Scrape it. Seal it. Trash it. Visit to learn more! Read Post