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Know when to water

Spare Sacramento water - Are you odd or even?

House addresses ending in ODD numbers water on Tuesdays and Saturdays; addresses ending in EVEN numbers water on Wednesdays and Sundays. Help spare Sacramento water.

Welcome to DOU

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The Department of Utilities is dedicated to providing Sacramento with excellent service every day. We provide and maintain the water, sewer collection, and storm drainage for the City of Sacramento. We have a variety of programs to promote water quality protection, water conservation, and a variety of other essential services.

Utility News

Pocket Water Meter Retrofit Update. On Tuesday, July 28, the contractor will start placing meters that were already planned to go in the sidewalk. The Department of Utilities is working with Councilmember Jennings and the City Manager to identify additional options for placement of the remaining meters in the project, which may require action at either the July 28 or August 6 City Council meeting. For questions and additional information, please call 916-808-5454. Construction Schedule

You may be eligible to save $156 annually on utility costs with the expanded Utility Rate Assistance Program.

Two-day a week watering now in effect! Find your watering days.

Natomas FEMA-approved flood zone status takes effect June 16. Building permits can now be issued.

City park watering on a Monday? Find out why.

River-Friendly Landscape Rebate Program  provides rebates for turf replacement.

Sacramento Department of Utilities unveils Utility Rate Assistance Program

More News

Water Wise Calls

Water Wise House Call
Schedule a free visit with a water conservation specialist to find the best ways to save water, get tips and tools, and find out if you qualify for rebates!

Drought Champ!

Drought Champion

Jorge Azevedo is a Drought Champ! One look at his front and back yard and you can he has pride in saving water. He is part of the of the City’s River-Friendly Landscape program where he received a rebate from the City for removing his front yard turf and replacing it with native and drought tolerant plants.