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Water Conservation - winter watering schedule 


All addresses in the City of Sacramento will be watering ONE WEEKEND day per week - Saturday OR Sunday

It is always wise to water before 10 am or after 7 pm.

Remember to water with the weather! If rain is in the forecast, be sure to turn-off sprinklers for at least one week, and use multiple short times to avoid runoff.

Drip or micro-spray irrigation, vegetable gardens and potted plants are exempt from the watering schedules.

For more information on water conservation, please read our Frequently Asked Questions.



rebates for smart irrigation controller, landscape and irrigation upgrades

Find out information about our Smart Irrigation Controller and River-Friendly Landscape Rebate Program.

Sign up for our Landscaping Workshops.

Plants like California Fuchsia are both pretty and water smart! Find the right plants your yard, sunlight and soil!

Check out the excellent website from EcoLandscape.  It has all the information you need to transform your water-demanding lawn into a River Friendly low-water use lawn.

not sure how much to water?  

Click on this link (smart irrigation scheduler) and create a customized watering schedule.

 smart irrigation scheduler

Get more information about your Water consumptionMeters Matter

Customers with recently retrofitted or installed water meters after 90 days are now eligible to sign up and access My Water. Create your account and begin viewing your water usage. Look for ways to conserve and make informed decisions about water efficiency in your home.

reporting water misuse

If you see watering taking place on the wrong day or time or you see over-watering, please report it to the City by calling 311 or (916) 264-5011. You can also email when and where you saw the water misuse to or report it via the 311 app on your mobile phone.

businesses Team with the City to save water

We invite your business to partner with the City of Sacramento to remind customers to keep conserving water. Learn more about free materials available.

Free Water Conservation Materials Available to Businesses 

We invite your business to partner with the City of Sacramento to remind customers to keep conserving water.

Check out what restaurants are doing to help save water

The following materials are available  free of charge to City of Sacramento businesses:

Please return your completed forms to 

Quantities are limited. Orders will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis while supplies last.

tools to help save water