City/County Neighborhood Flood Depth Maps

Sacramento Flood Maps

The City and County of Sacramento have prepared detailed maps showing hypothetical levee breaks, inundation levels and the time it would take for waters to rise in affected neighborhoods, and rescue and evacuation zones. The breaks on these maps are hypothetical and do not indicate a weakness in the levees at that particular location.

The colorful maps come in pairs. Links to those maps are listed below.

One shows where the water would flow over time and how deep it would get given the hypothetical flooding scenario. Each sample levee break location represents a hypothetical failure along that general stretch of levee. They do not depict known weak points or other issues that suggest a break would occur there versus anywhere else.

The companion "red and yellow" map for each flood scenario shows rescue and evacuation areas.

  • The yellow evacuation area indicates areas that would begin to fill with water 2 hours or more after a catostrophic levee failure, giving most people time to evacuate get out safely.
  • The rescue area, in red, indicates places where water has the potential to reach a depth of at least one foot after two hours from the time of a levee failure. People would not be able to drive out and likely would be stranded and require rescue.
  • These maps also list potential evacuation routes. And they show which evacuation routes would become inundated over time.

In case of a flooding emergency, please follow these tips.

  • Listen to media via television or radio for the most up-to-date information regarding the event, evacuations, what routes to take, and where to go. Be prepared if the power goes out to hear emergency instructions. Get a battery operated radio, and stock up on batteries.
  • If a voluntary evacuation is announced, it means a levee failure is possible. People should take heed and leave while roads are still dry.
  • Generally, you will not need to drive for hours to be safe if a levee fails. You only need to get to high ground. Areas to the east of Franklin Boulevard are typically dry, as Carmichael, Folsom, Davis and cities along the I-80 Corridor. Be sure to listen to emergency personnel and media to determine which locations are safe and where shelters are located.
  • Do not assume the evacuation routes shown on the maps necessarily will be your way out. Localized flooding, traffic accidents, and different flooding scenarios all affect whether roads will be open. Emergency officials will monitor roads and let the public know through radio stations and other media of specific routes to be taken.

Printed copies of these maps may be viewed at the following locations. Please call in advance to ensure staff is available to review maps with you.:

City of Sacramento Community Development Department Public Counter, 300 Richards Blvd, 3rd Floor. Call 311 (within City limits) or (916) 264-5011 (from outside City limits) for hours.

City of Sacramento Department of Utilities, 1395 35th Avenue, Sacramento (916) 808-1400

Sacramento County Department of Water Resources, 827 7th St., Rm. 430, Sacramento (916) 874-6851

Natomas 1Depth MapRescue Map
Natomas 2Depth MapRescue Map
Natomas 3Depth MapRescue Map
Natomas 4Depth MapRescue Map
Natomas 5Depth MapRescue Map
Arcade 1Depth MapRescue Map
Arcade 2Depth MapRescue Map
Downtown 1Depth MapRescue Map
Downtown 2Depth MapRescue Map
Campus Commons 1Depth MapRescue Map
Campus Commons 2Depth MapRescue Map
ArdenDepth MapRescue Map
River ParkDepth MapRescue Map
Sacramento StateDepth MapRescue Map
South Sacramento Depth MapRescue Map
MayhewDepth MapRescue Map
GoetheDepth MapRescue Map
PocketDepth MapRescue Map

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