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Performance Audit Division

The Office of the City Auditor's Performance Audit Division conducts performance audits and makes recommendations to strengthen accountability and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of City Programs. In many cases, this involves verifying compliance with laws and regulations, identifying internal control weaknesses and failures, and assessing whether the City has acquired and used its resources efficiently.

Recommendation Follow-Up - Most Recent Reporting Period Dashboard

Recommendation Follow-Up - Open Recommendations Dashboard

Recommendation Follow-Up - Closed Recommendations Dashboard

Performance Audit Reports

Research and Analysis Division

The Office of the City Auditor's Research and Analysis Division analyzes data and information relative to budgetary issues, engages in fiscal forecasting and planning, analyzes the City's past, current, and proposed revenues and expenditures, and prepares such other reports relating to budgetary and legislative policy concerns as directed by the City Council.  

For example, one of the City Council's objectives is to create a workforce that is more reflective of Sacramento residents. As part of the City's ongoing diversity effort, the City Council has requested the City Auditor to audit the City's gender and ethnic diversity on multiple occasions. To provide the City Council and the public with more transparent information, we created a dashboard that allows the user to analyze various factors related to diversity, such as ethnicity and gender.

City of Sacramento Gender and Ethnic Diversity Dashboard

2022 Diversity and Workplace Climate Survey Results Dashboard

2022 Diversity and Workplace Climate Survey Results Dashboard - by Ethnicity

2022 Diversity and Workplace Climate Survey Results Dashboard - by Sex

2022 Community Survey Dashboard

Research and Analysis Division Reports

Whistleblower Hotline

In the interest of public accountability and being responsible stewards of public funds, the City has established an enhanced whistleblower hotline. The hotline protects the anonymity of those leaving tips to the extent permitted by law.

The toll free number and web portal is being launched by the City Auditor's Office through an independent reporting service. The service is available 24/7/365 days per year. Through this service, all phone calls and emails will be received anonymously by third party staff.

Report online or call
toll-free: 888-245-8859.

Whistleblower Hotline - Most Recent Reporting Period Dashboard

Whistleblower Hotline - All Closed Cases Dashboard

Whistleblower Hotline - Substantiated Cases Dashboard

Whistleblower Hotline Activity Reports