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Office of The City Auditor

Jorge Oseguera, City Auditor

WELCOME to the Office of the City Auditor's Website

Jorge Oseguera, City Auditor

The Office of the City Auditor provides independent, objective, and reliable information regarding the City's ability to meet its goals and objectives, and establish an adequate system of internal controls. In many cases, this involves verifying compliance with laws and regulations, assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of the City's operations, and identifying internal control weaknesses and failures. The City Auditor also prepares persuasive audit reports with recommendations to mitigate or eliminate the areas of concern.

The City Council appoints the City Auditor independent of other City Offices to promote and enhance honest, efficient, effective, transparent, and accountable City government. The City Auditor reports directly to City Council and has full responsibility for the direction and management of the Office of the City Auditor. The City Auditor works closely and interfaces with the City Council, Audit Committee, Charter Officers, Department Directors, and Division Managers.

The City Auditor conducts audits in accordance with Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards (GAGAS) and provides the Mayor, City Council, and the public with objective, timely, and accurate information about the City government. Findings and recommendations are designed to save tax dollars, increase revenues, and improve the City's operations.


On March 27, 2018, City Council passed Resolution No. 2018-0108 appointing Jorge Oseguera as the Interim Independent Budget Analyst while continuing to serve as the City Auditor.  The Research and Analysis Division analyzes data and information relative to budgetary issues, engages in fiscal forecasting and planning, analyzes the City's past, current, and proposed revenues and expenditures, and prepares such other reports relating to budgetary and legislative policy concerns as directed by the City Council.

In November 2018, the Sacramento City Government Accountability and Efficiency Act (Measure K) was passed by voters.  This established the City Auditor as a charter officer and combined the duties of the City Auditor and the Independent Budget Analyst.