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Citywide Policies and Procedures

Sacramento New City Hall

The Office of the City Manager coordinates the development, review, update and issuance of all active Citywide policies and procedures. Contact specific departments for departmental/division level policies/procedures. Archived policies are retained in the City's document repository.

**: Denotes policies recently created, reviewed or updated

Administration & Management

Arena Event Policy**
Automated Policy and Procedure System **
Council Rules of Procedure **
Graphic Standards **
Public Records Request **
Records Management **
Signing Authority **
Social Media **
Ticket Policy-Acceptance, Use, Distribution and Reporting **
Whistleblower Protection **


Advanced Life Support (ALS) Revenue Recovery **
Budget Control Policy**
Cash Handling
Development Stabilization Contingency Reserve (DSCR) and Development Services Fund Management **
Fleet Purchasing Budgeting Policies
General Fund Economic Uncertainty Reserve Policy**
Interfund Loans **
Measure U Financial Management **
Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB) Funding **
Pension Funding **
Property Assessed Clean Energy Policy**
Purchase Card Program (Debit Card)
Risk Management Funding and Reserve **
Travel Request and Reimbursement


City Employee Transportation
City Hall Complex **
Demonstration Partnership**
Fleet Sustainability Policy
Internal Facility Improvements **
Space Planning for City Hall Complex and 300 Richards Blvd Campus ** 
Sustainable Operations for City Departments

Human Resources

9/80 Schedule 
Application of Work Experience
Discipline Procedures and Review Standards
Driver's License
Drug and Alcohol Policy
Domestic Violence Policy**
Employee Development Policy 
Employee Educational Assistance
Employee Handbook **
Employee Separation Policy 
Equal Opportunity Policy **
Flexible Staffing Relocation from Assistant to Associate Level 
Grievance Procedures
Grievance Procedures Under ADA
Guide to Processing Personnel Action Requests
Illness and Injury Prevention Program Procedures **
Leave Administration**
Nepotism and Conflict of Interest**
Pepper Spray **
Personnel and Medical Records 
Places of Public Access
Public School Mentoring
Reasonable Accommodation Policy
Ride Along Program
Sick Leave Upon Exhaustion of IOD
Smoke-free Workplace
Supplemental Employment Application 
Treatment of Injuries 
Vehicle Allowance
Vehicle Review Board Policy (Vehicle Review Committee)
Vehicle Type by Position Classification
Volunteer Coordination Policy
Voluntary Work Furlough-Reduced Workweek Program
Wireless Telephone Use While Driving
Workers Compensation
Workplace Violence Policy


Non-Discrimination in Employees Benefits by City Contractors 
Non-Professional Services
Procurement of Supplies
Professional Services 
Public Project
Reporting: Independent Contractors Who are Individuals
Sustainable Purchasing Policy

Public Safety

Police Use of Force Policy **

Technology & Communications

Automated License Plate Recognition **
Desktop Hardware Guidelines

Information Technology Resource Policy
Web Governance **