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cannabis Information for Businesses

The City of Sacramento currently allows dispensaries, cultivation, nonvolatile and volatile manufacturingtesting, distribution and microbusinesses in specific zones within the city, subject to  regulations under Title 5 and Title 17.  For details on the City's Business Operating Permit (BOP) application process, including the list of requirements, please refer to this flyer and PowerPoint presentation.

To operate a cannabis business in Sacramento, you need:


a) in a zone which allows cannabis uses

b) with a Conditional Use Permit (CUP), except small manufacturers, self distribution for small manufacturers and testing labs

c) with a Certificate of Occupancy specific to the cannabis use/activity

Under State law, cannabis businesses require a 600-ft radius buffer zone from schools. The Sacramento City Code requires a 600-ft buffer from neighborhood and community parks (does not apply to small manufacturers). Applications with proposed sites that are within the 600-ft of neighborhood and community parks will be reviewed by the Planning and Design Commission.

View these maps to see where these zones are located in the city.  To check if your property is within these zones, enter the address in the Zoning & Property Details.

For questions related to the CUP , please contact the Planning Division


2) A BUSINESS OPERATING PERMIT (BOP) specific to the cannabis activity.  Visit the specific page of each cannabis business type to learn the BOP application requirements and approval process.  

For questions related to the Business Operating Permit, please contact the Office of Cannabis Management.  For all other questions, please contact the appropriate department listed on the staff contact page.

The CUP and the BOP processes are covered in detail in a presentation before the Planning and Design Commission on July 22, 2021.  (Item 4 starts 2:34 into the meeting.)



California Cannabis Industry Association (CCIA)

National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA)

Sacramento Cannabis Industry Association (SCIA)

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