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CORE Grant Program

In March 2021, the City of Sacramento received $1.8 million in grants from the Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development (Go-Biz) to help increase equity in the cannabis industry. Of these funds, $1.4 million will be allocated towards the CORE Grant Program.  Approximately 10% is allocated for direct technical assistance while another 10% is allocated towards the cost of administering the program.  

At both the May 3rd and June 2nd CORE Stakeholder meetings, the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) started the discussion with CORE stakeholders on how to disburse the $1.4 million allocated for grants. PPT presentations and videos from those meetings can be viewed here.

OCM collected all ideas and feedback that participants shared at both those meetings and via email and sorted them into seven grant program options.

At the August 4th, an online poll was conducted to identify stakeholders’ top three choices, as well as their preferred disbursement method. The poll questions can be viewed here.

Poll Results from August 4 stakeholder meeting

Participants filled out polls on how the $1.4 million in state funding the City received this year for grants should be disbursed to CORE members. Participants received three votes for the grant program options to use in any combination, including voting for the same option multiple times. We had 63 stakeholders in the meeting participate. The option that received the most support with 45 votes was for CORE members with leased/owned locations only (no CUP required), followed by the Incubator/Social Enterprise business (building an eco-system) option with 35 votes, and CORE members with submitted BOPs only with 34 votes.  

We then followed up with a poll focused on further refining these grant options to find out more about how the funds should be disbursed. We had 66 stakeholders in the meeting participate in this second poll. Most participants did not prefer a reimbursement method for these funds (57.6% or 38 votes). Similarly, most participants wanted a portion of the funding to be set aside for small grants on a first come, first serve basis (57.6% or 38 votes). The tiered disbursement methods with the highest percentage of votes were by size of project (33.3% or 22 votes) and by business type including cost of business (cultivation, lab, nursery, delivery, etc) (24.2% or 16 votes). There was a tie between preferred options for the optimal amount for the grant. Both funding between $35,000 and $125,000 (fewer than 40 participants) and funding provided as mixed or tiered grants (combination of large, medium and small grants) received 31.8% or 21 votes each. And finally, the majority of participants responded that grants should be made available per CORE participant (56.1% or 37 votes).  The full results from both polls can be found hereAfter the stakeholder meeting, nine additional stakeholders who had missed the meeting filled out the survey.  The updated summary data for all questions can be found here.  

Based on the full results, options for the grant program were developed. During the next Stakeholder meeting on September 22, you will be able to take a short survey to further refine these options. Click here to view the survey/poll questions.