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Applications are reviewed in the order received.  Once determined to be complete, a place in the queue for funding once it becomes available.  

  • Complete the CORE Capital Loan Application;
  • Once the application is downloaded it becomes a fillable form;
  • All fields must be completed.  Fields left blank will result in the application being deemed incomplete.
  • Send the application and all required documents to CORE Capital Loan Program:
  • DO NOT send links to the documents as we are either unable to open them or they expire.  Sending links will delay your application process.  
  • Please do not send your application unless it is complete and all the documents are attached;

  • The CORE Loan Processing team will review the documents and be in contact with the applicant regarding any additional information that is needed.  Processing time will depend on completeness of the application and required documents.  *If the application is incomplete, an email will be sent to the applicant detailing what is missing and the application will be placed back in line for review*

  • If you receive an email requesting additional and/or corrected documents, you must resubmit the complete application and the required documents.  

Loan Documents

  1. Once your loan is approved, the loan documents will be prepared and sent to the applicant for review.  Please respond to the email with any corrections needed.

  2. Loan documents will be prepared and sent to the Borrower, Non-Borrowers, and City Signatories for signature through Adobe Sign. 

  3. Once the loan documents are fully executed, we will begin the process to issue the loan check.

  4. In order to receive your check, you must register as a supplier with the City.  See below.

Supplier Registration

The City requires a current Form W-9 and either a California Form 590, for in-state vendors and nonprofit organizations, or California Form 587 for out-of-state vendors, when establishing a new vendor account or making any kind of payment. The purpose of the forms is to ensure that the City complies with Federal and State withholding requirements. The forms also ensure that the City has the correct name of the individual or business, the correct address and the correct form of business for the vendor or payee. 

  • The withholding agent will always be the City of Sacramento;

  • The name you register with is the name that the check will be made payable to.  If you add your dba, both names will be on the check;

  • The address you register with is where the check will be mailed;

  • The mailing address on the loan application, which is added to the loan documents, should be the same address you register with in the portal.  This is also the address where you will receive your invoices as well as any other notices from the City regarding your loan.

  • If documents are missing or incorrect, the applicant will receive an email from the City detailing what is needed.  Be sure to check the portal and/or your email to ensure your registration is complete.   

Post-Loan Requirements

Loan funds must be expended in accordance with the budget submitted with the loan application.  If a modification is needed, a Budget Modification Request must be submitted along with a new Narrative.