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Loan Application and Required Documents




  • ALL Fields must be completed;


  • ALL fields must be completed;


  • ALL fields must be completed
  • The type of business you are seeking funding for must correlate to the business type throughout the documents.  This field can not have Delivery, a budget for Distribution, and a Business Plan that details Manufacturing;
  • If you have a business, the legal structure must be filled in;


  • If applicant is not 100% owner, the section is required;
  • Photo ID's of all Parties are required; 


  • See requirements in the section below;


  • Loan Budget:
    • Items must be specific.  Do not add "Miscellaneous Office Expenses, Furniture, Equipment" .  Each item needs to be broken out with its cost;
    • If applicant has applied for Loans, Follow-On Loans, Grants, or Rebates/Reimbursements, the budgets cannot list the same items on different budgets.  For instance, the loan application budget lists a safe and a Security Rebate Form is submitted for a safe, one or the other will be excluded;
    • The Budget must total the amount of the loan being requested;
  • Budget Statement:
    • MUST be relative to the business type the loan is being requested for;
    • Narrative should not match the example word for word, it should be based on your business;


  • ALL acknowledgements must be checked.



DO NOT submit documents that are not a requirement of the application. 

DO NOT  check the box under V. APPLICATION DOCUMENTS on page two of the application if the document is not submitted with the application. 


Verification of CORE Status:

Letter from Sacramento Asian-Pacific Chamber of Commerce (SACC), the Greater Sacramento Urban League (GSUL), or other entity designated by the City of Sacramento to perform CORE eligibility verifications.  A letter of verification for each owner that comprises the required 51% CORE ownership must be submitted.

Copy of Legal Identification:

Driver's License, Passport, or California Identification Card showing applicant is at least 21.

Business Planning Documents:

Business Plan:  

  • The purpose of a business plan is to provide information on the type of cannabis business you are seeking a loan for that highlights your business goals and how you intend to achieve them. A business plan should include a mission statement, business purpose, why you think your business idea will work (market research), how your business will comply with both state and local regulatory requirements, and provide a realistic timeline that includes significant milestones, such as applying for a CUP, obtaining a CUP, applying for building permits, receiving a certificate of occupancy, applying for a BOP, receiving a BOP. Your business plan should be tailored to your specific business and not be a generic template. All of your business documentation must be internally consistent, meaning your business plan cannot state that the business is a delivery business, but your budget is for a manufacturing business.

Financial Projection:

  • A monthly projection for a 12-month period. 
  • Must show revenue and expenses each month for the next 12-months of your project.  
  • Document to be submitted on one page.
  • An updated projection is required with each follow-on loan application.

Business Organization Documents:

  • Articles of Incorporation or other documents showing the business formation and structure.
  • Secretary of State filing for the business entity showing its legal name and that the entity is in good standing,
  • Copies of legal identification for all parties who own 20% or more.
  • Operating agreement or other legal document which lists the owners of the company and their ownership percentages. Note: 51% of owners must be Verified CORE participants.
  • State cannabis license, if already obtained.

Real Estate Documents:

  • Confirmation email from City of Sacramento Planning Division, or ROD, that zoning of proposed business location allows for the type of cannabis business applicant intends to open.
  • A fully executed business lease agreement or deed for property.
    • Recommended lease terms including (but not required):
      • Term of at least five years duration or a lesser term with automatic extensions equaling at least five years;
      • Details of the amount and timing of any automatic rent increases;
      • Ability for tenant to terminate lease with agreed upon notice, but ability for property owner to terminate only upon cause.