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BOP Applications for Volatile Manufacturing Now Accepted

The Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) is now accepting applications for Business Operating Permits (BOP) for volatile manufacturing as the ordinance allowing volatile manufacturing in the City adopted by the City Council on February 25, 2020 is now in effect.

New applicants who currently do not hold a Cannabis Production Conditional Use Permit (CUP) must first submit a CUP application to the Planning Division. After receiving a CUP file number (Z# or P#), the applicant can then submit an application for a BOP to the OCM. Existing manufacturers who wish to add or convert their manufacturing operations to a volatile system must apply for a minor modification to their CUP.

They also need to submit for a BOP modification to add or convert into a volatile manufacturing system. The BOP modification fee is $1000. Volatile manufacturing will not be treated as a separate or additional BOP, but additional documents may be required, including a modified extraction plan specifying the types of equipment and solvents to be used in the process.

As with other applications for other cannabis business types, the BOP will not be issued without an approved CUP and a Certificate of Occupancy (CofO) or a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO).

For the CUP application or minor modification, applicants must outline their volatile manufacturing process, list their proposed equipment and where they propose to put it on their floor plan. Applications will then be routed to various departments including the Building Division and the Fire Department for planning review and comments. If building permits are required for the project, it will be part of the Building Department’s or the Fire Department’s comments.

All new CUP applications or modifications to add volatile manufacturing require a full Fire Department review of a new technical report specific only to volatile manufacturing. The technical report must be submitted and reviewed by a Fire Protection Engineer (FPE) or a Mechanical Engineer (ME). 

With the approval of a CUP, applicants can then apply for their building permits. During this process, building plans are reviewed by Mechanical, Electrical, Structural, Building and again by the Fire Department. After the building permit is issued, applicants can then start on tenant improvements, schedule inspections and obtain a CofO or a TCO. The CofO or a TCO is the final piece of document required to obtain a BOP. Until the BOP specific to volatile manufacturing is issued, manufacturers cannot start engaging in volatile manufacturing operations.

For further information about volatile manufacturing, please contact the appropriate staff listed below:
• For CUP-related questions email the Planning Division at:
• For questions related to volatile solvents or the technical report required for volatile manufacturing contact: Elizabeth McDowell at the Sacramento Fire Department at 916-767-2225 or via email at or read the Sacramento Fire Department's manufacturing handout here.
• For questions related to Building, contact: Jeff Brooks at 916-808-8352 or via email at
• For BOP-related questions email OCM at:
• To schedule a payment for BOP application or modification email: (Please note that cash payments are not available until after April 6, 2020). Please check out the Revenue page for other available permit options.