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Air Quality

The City is partnering with the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District to help build community resilience to air pollution, including from wildfire smoke. The new City/Air District partnership is one of several regional air quality monitoring effortsFor real-time air quality information, please see


200 City of Sacramento residents, businesses, schools, and public facilities have received a free portable Purple Air sensor as part of a pilot project aimed at enhancing outdoor air quality data in high-need, underserved neighborhoods.

Sensors were prioritized for high-need areas in the City of Sacramento including North Sacramento, South Sacramento and outside of Downtown/Central City where there previously were gaps in air quality monitoring. Recipients were selected based on geography and other criteria to ensure equitable distribution among neighborhoods.

To see real-time outdoor air quality information—including data from the sensors distributed through this pilot—and fire information, click the button below.


These air sensors do not have cameras, microphones and do not collect personal information. Have more questions about this project?

Read through the Frequently Asked Questions or email Please note that applications to host an outdoor air sensor are no longer being accepted.

Actions to Take During Wildfire Smoke Events

To help residents make informed decisions during wildfires and other unhealthy air quality events, the Sac Metro Air District and its partners have created air quality action charts designed for the public, businesses, and schools. The charts, as well as other tools, can be found on their Wildfire Smoke Information page.