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Recent Meetings

August 22, 2023: Climate Action Update

May 2, 2023: Climate Action Update

December 13, 2022: Climate Action Update

August 16, 2022: City Council Workshop on Accelerating Carbon Neutrality

April 26, 2022: Climate Action Update and Transportation and Climate Workshop

February 8, 2022: Climate Action Update

October 12, 2021: Climate Action Update 

September 14, 2021: Existing Building Electrification Strategy Update 

2021 Quarter 2 Report: Climate Implementation Work Plan Accomplishments & Status

2021 Quarter 1 Report: Climate Implementation Work Plan Accomplishments & Status

2021 Final 2021 Climate Implementation Work Plan 

December 8, 2020: 2021 Climate Implementation Work Plan and Slow Streets Pilot

December 8, 2020: Audit of the City’s Green Efforts

November 10, 2020: Update on Mayors’ Commission on Climate Change Recommendations

August 25, 2020: Recommendations from the Mayors’ Commission on Climate Change

December 10, 2019: Declaration of a Climate Emergency and Identification of the City’s Mobilization Efforts

Other Recent Events 

February 4, 2022: Climate Update Webinar
Watch the recording (passcode: $Pi1wNU$) to hear Office of Climate Action & Sustainability staff discuss implementation of the 2021 Climate Work Plan, or see the presentation slides.

April 21, 2021: Sacramento Youth Commission Conversation on Climate Change
Watch the recording (Passcode: I=a4JPqu) to hear Sacramento Youth Commissioners, Moiz Muir of 350 Sacramento, and City staff discuss what climate change means to our youth, and what is to be done about it.
April 22, 2021: Earth Day Brown Bag Lunch
Watch the recording (Passcode: 8F-+U#qUp) to hear updates from City sustainability staff.