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What the city is doing to end and prevent homelessness

The City of Sacramento is committed to being a city where all are welcome, where all are supported and where all have opportunities to thrive. Those experiencing homelessness in our city are a visible, and sometimes invisible, reminder of the work we must do to be a world class city. As the largest city in Sacramento County and the region, the City is committed to working in partnership with other jurisdictions in the region to prevent and end homelessness throughout Sacramento.  

As we think about solutions to homelessness in our city, we want to ensure they are:

  • Compassionate to the needs of those most vulnerable in our community; and
  • Responsive to the concerns and impacts of homelessness on the greater community; and
  • Inclusive of the variety of partners needed to make a substantial impact; and
  • Oriented to the needs of those we are trying to serve.

The City of Sacramento shares the passion of our business leaders, residents, homeless service providers, and advocate partners to provide meaningful solutions to both the immediate crisis of homelessness in our community and the on-going need for permanent housing opportunities. Given the limited resources of the City, we are committed to making choices, setting policies and funding programs that best align with the needs of our homeless community and to working with other local funding partners to do the same. We recognize that no one approach or solution will end homelessness in Sacramento, and we will continue to look for new opportunities.

Currently, the City of Sacramento invests over $3 million in housing and services to help people experiencing homelessness, and supports the efforts of many non-profit partners throughout the community. On the following pages you will find the City’s partners in ending homelessness, current projects, information of the subcommittee, and valuable resource and reports on homelessness.

City of Sacramento Investments in Homeless Services and Housing

Resources/ Reports