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City Auditor Releases 2017 Gender & Ethnic Diversity Audit

Audit Shows the City of Sacramento is making modest Progress But has Work to do to ensure Gender Parity

WHO: Councilmember Ashby and Members of the Women and Girls Advancement Coalition, Roseanna Herber, Tina Reynolds, Caity Maple and Stephanie Bray.

WHAT: Councilmember Ashby and community members will discuss the 2017 Gender and Ethnic Diversity Audit, and call on city leaders to do more to improve outcomes by addressing policies and procedures around hiring, evaluation, bias and barriers to promotion in the city’s workforce. Read the full audit here.

WHERE: New City Hall Media Room

WHEN: Tuesday Feb. 13 at 10:30 a.m.

WHY: The Sacramento City Council will hear the results of the 2017 Audit on Gender and Ethnic Diversity. The study illustrates modest progress but clearly shows there is much work to be done to create a city workforce that reflects our population and creates equal opportunities.

The 2017 Audit follows a Report Card on Gender Equity released by Councilwomen Ashby in 2016 that showed significant pay disparities in the city’s management workforce and requested the 2017 Diversity Audit to include Gender Equity in future audits of the City’s Workforce. The Gender and Ethnic Diversity Audit finds that the City’s Human Resources Department continues to fall short in complying with Federal Reporting and Documentation Requirements and continues to show disparities in pay between gender and ethnicity.

A positive outcome in this year’s audit is the increasing number of females and minorities in management ranks of our public safety services and City Manager’s Office.

What actions can we take to improve the outcome of future audits?

  • Ensure compliance in the Human Resources department with all federal documentation requirements as it relates to gender and ethnicity.
  • Request the City Manager expedite the hiring of the City’s Diversity and Equity Manager.
  • Review city policies, for implicit bias, related to hiring, promotion, evaluation and advancement.
  • Expand implicit bias training to include department directors, division managers, and supervisors in the city’s workforce.

Councilmember Ashby wishes to thank City Auditor, Jorge Oseguera and the Office of the City Auditor for their work on this now annual audit.

Linda Tucker, Media & Communications Officer, 916-808-7523,