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Competitive plan to bring high-wage jobs to Sacramento

City Council approves Job Growth and Employment Incentive Strategy to attract large, quality companies to the region 

October 4, 2017

Downtown Sacramento buildings with cloudsThe Sacramento City Council overwhelmingly approved a strategic framework at its Oct. 3 council meeting to enhance and accelerate ongoing efforts to bring high-paying jobs to the city.  In development for several months, the Job Growth and Employment Incentive Strategy sets forth a framework for enticing companies with high-wage jobs that will also provide significant quality of life benefits and revenues for the City.

“Sacramento is committed to putting real incentives forward to attract more high wage jobs and industries to our city” said Mayor Darrell Steinberg. “This push is another signal to the clean, great high-wage industries of our state and country that Sacramento is the place to be.”

The Job Growth strategy sets Sacramento up for success as bids are made in today’s highly competitive job creation market. To help Sacramento rise to the top of the list, strategic incentives could be offered to companies that would make a significant economic impact in the region and bring in a minimum of 500 high-quality jobs.  For example, if 500 new jobs are added to Sacramento in the professional and business services sector, the ripple effect is an additional 600 indirect and induced jobs and nearly $76.5 million in labor income generated in the region.  Potential incentives will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

“The City of Sacramento is demonstrating what a successful city should put forward in order to attract high wage employers,” Greater Sacramento Economic Council CEO Barry Broome said. “This investment helps the community understand the value proposition and the economic benefit these types of jobs can bring to a city. This is a best practice policy that will help the future of Sacramento; other communities in our region should follow their lead.”

Any investment considered by the City must also address an array of issues to improve Sacramento’s quality of life, such as housing affordability, workforce development, employment for disadvantaged populations, clean energy, and youth and education.

Linda Tucker, Media & Communications Officer, 916-808-7523,