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Advance Peace 

About Advance Peace

Advance Peace works to interrupt gun violence in urban neighborhoods by providing transformational opportunities to young adults identified as most likely to be perpetrators and/or victims of gun violence. Advance Peace provides an 18-month persistent outreach and intervention strategy focused on the young men involved, or most likely involved, in firearm offenses and provides a personalized program to disrupt the cycles of violence. The Peacemaker Fellowship is modeled after the City of Richmond's Office of Neighborhood Safety efforts.

The majority of gun homicides are re-cyclical and retaliatory in nature. Studies show firearm violence is typically driven by a small number of community members. Advance peace focuses intense services to change the mindset of individuals suspected of perpetrating gun violence. Beyond saving lives and money, Advance Peace helps protect and reduce the trauma experienced by people living in these communities. 

Advance Peace was unanimously approved by City Council on August 29, 2017. The contract with Advance Peace was signed on December 8, 2017.


1. Reduce firearm assaults by 50% over a 4-year period

2. Reduce firearm related homicides by 50% over a 4-year period