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Adopted unanimously by Sacramento City Council, the Citywide Youth Development Campaign Plan (“Plan”) is intended to guide the City in the design, operations, and evaluation of its children and youth programs. The City’s vision is that all Sacramento youth are valued and reach their fullest potential.

The Plan lays out a set of goals that the City will strive to achieve through its own programs and through strategic partnerships.

The Plan provides that all City-operated and City-funded programs will be aligned under this unified vision and youth development framework. The City will undertake a concerted effort to increase the quality of children and youth programs it provides and funds in order to have a greater impact on the future success of program participants in school, career, and life.

Additionally, the City is acutely aware of the need to deploy resources in low-income communities and will work to incorporate a set of social justice principles as part of this Plan.


Citywide Youth Development Campaign Plan


All Sacramento children and youth are valued and reach their fullest potential.


The City of Sacramento leads collaboratively to provide systemic and sustainable investments and opportunities, harnessing collective assets to champion intentional and equitable pathways for young people to succeed.

Values Statement

  • Youth Voice: We honor the youth’s statement, “Nothing about us without us.”
  • Elimination of Systemic Barriers: We believe it is our responsibility to actively seek ways to break systemic barriers so that youth have access and ability to fully utilize resources and
  • Cultural Humility: We commit to acknowledging our individual and institutional biases, accepting that there are gaps in our knowledge, and being open to new ideas.
  • Mutual Respect: We build relationships through developing a culture of mutual respect and inclusivity.
  • Integrity: We believe in conducting our work in an honest, moral, ethical, and accountable manner.
  • Innovation: The status quo is unacceptable if it is not improving the lives of Sacramento children and youth, and thus, we call for thinking outside of the box to better support
    Sacramento’s youngest residents.
  • Courage: We believe that having the audacity to take risks, stand up for what is right, and address the most challenging situations is unquestionable.

Goals: Through its own programs and strategic partnerships, the City of Sacramento will strive to achieve the following goals.

  • Contribute to the healthy development of children ages 0-5 so that they are prepared for
  • Provide resources, support, and connection to effective programs and services that lead to
    success in education
  • Build 21st century skills including leadership, workforce development, life, resiliency, and
    social-emotional skills
  • Provide opportunities for young people to become active and engaged community
  • Create a safe environment, both physically and emotionally, in all settings, honoring culture
    and community
  • Promote equity, justice, and accountability with a concerted application of resources
    toward those youth in greatest need
  • Empower families to engage in their children’s healthy development; and
    Implement the youth development framework in all program design, operations, and