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C3 Project


The City of Sacramento and City Council, with community partners including Visit Sacramento and the Sacramento Hotel Association, have embarked on the renovation and expansion of the Sacramento Convention Center (renamed SAFE Credit Union Convention Center), the Memorial Auditorium, and the Community Center Theater (renamed SAFE Credit Union Performing Arts Center). This trio of buildings known as the Convention Center Complex (renamed SAFE Credit Convention and Performing Arts District) and their construction is called the C3 Project.


The C3 Project strengthens Sacramento’s place as a destination city and a great place to live by creating state-of-the-art venues that will attract larger events and make the downtown even more vibrant and active.


The Memorial Auditorium began its renovation in June 2018; and reopened in May 2019. The SAFE Credit Union Convention Center began its renovation/expansion in December 2018 and hosted conventions into summer 2019 before its closure; it will reopen in Spring 2021. The SAFE Credit  Union Performing Arts Center began its renovation in May 2019; it will reopen summer 2021.


Safe Credit Union Convention Center- 1400 J St.  |  Memorial Auditorium - 1515 J St.  |  SAFE Credit Union Performing Arts Center - 1301 L St.


Smart investments like the C3 Project improve our community by supporting culture and economic development for residents and visitors alike. The expansion and renovations will modernize and transform these venues allowing for a more enjoyable experience for event-goers.

How this is being funded:

The Sacramento City Council on Sept. 25, 2018 unanimously approved the issuance of up to $350 million in bonds to finance the renovation/expansion of the C3 Project, which includes the Convention Center, the Memorial Auditorium and the Performing Arts Center. The bonds will not be repaid from the City’s general fund. Instead, they will be repaid by what’s known as the “transient occupancy tax,” or TOT. This is a 12 percent tax on hotel-room and short-term rental stays used for tourism-related projects.* In addition, local hotels have agreed to pay for the construction of the Convention Centers’ new ballroom, which will cost approximately $50 million.

Overall, the estimated $245 million renovation/expansion of the SAFE Credit Union Convention Center also will add meeting rooms, exhibit halls and more lobby and kitchen space. The $19 million renovation of the Memorial Auditorium added seating, acoustic enhancements and other audio/visual upgrades. At roughly $120 million, the renovation of the SAFE Credit Union Performing Arts Center will enhance the theater’s aesthetic appeal, improve its lobby and make the venue more accessible to disabled patrons. Work also will be done on the Performing Arts Center loading dock, which will allow it to host larger shows.

*The repayment of the bonds is the 12 percent TOT tax less required transfer fees to the City’s general fund and Visit Sacramento.