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Client Relationship

The City Attorney is the attorney for the City of Sacramento, as an entity. Because of the nature of the City Attorney's role, we cannot represent or provide legal advice to individual citizens. We are therefore unable to respond to individual requests for legal advice or representation. For further information about the City Attorney's client relationship, please refer to the Sacramento City Charter.

Please refer to the Sacramento County Superior Court's website for a comprehensive list of local legal agencies and services available to individual citizens.

Justice for Neighbors

The Justice for Neighbors program (JFN) is a task force dedicated to ending threats to public health, safety and welfare of Sacramento neighborhoods.

Sacramento is a diverse city. Each neighborhood has its own rhythm, its own sources of pride, and its own unique concerns.

The program focuses on fighting the worst social and criminal nuisances that degrade the quality of life in the City’s neighborhoods. Operating under the “broken windows” theory, JFN’s aim is to identify, prioritize, and address these criminal problems before they grow into more serious offenses. The program tailors its efforts toward the unique needs of each Sacramento neighborhood.

The JFN team is committed to making our neighborhoods safe.

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