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Justice for neighbors

Justice For Neighbors neighborhood mapThe Public Safety Section of the City Attorney's Office (PSS) is an integral part of the Justice for Neighbors (JFN) program. As leaders in the JFN program, PSS attorneys are required to prosecute physical and social nuisance actions, including but not limited to, drug and red light abatements, and nuisance injunctions. As part of the prosecution process section attorneys work directly with officers (when reference is made to “officers” it refers to enforcement officers, including Police Officers, Building Inspectors, and Code Enforcement Officers) in the field. The goal of the JFN program is to establish partnerships between the City Attorney’s Office, enforcement officers, and the community to efficiently and promptly eliminate or reduce threats to the public health and safety in the City’s neighborhoods.

JFN attorneys prosecute all social and physical nuisance cases originating out of their assigned team or District. JFN attorneys also work with the officers in the field and at their stations to identify “hot spots” or locations in the District that present nuisance problems, compile necessary evidence to develop strategies and litigation plans, and periodically interact with members of the public. This partnership allows JFN attorneys to familiarize themselves with the public safety issues in the area, assume ownership over the public safety initiatives, and make the attorneys and officers jointly accountable for the success or failure of the abatement projects in their respective Districts.