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City Treasurer

Historic City Hall

The City Treasurer is a Charter Officer, appointed by the City Council, and responsible, under the City Charter, for the investment and management of all city funds.

The City Treasurer's Office is also responsible for the issuance and management of debt.

The City Council has also directed the City Treasurer to advise and comment on fiscal matters and issues.

Credit Ratings

The current issuer credit rating for the City of Sacramento are:

Standard and Poor's






Fitch Ratings




View and download policies administered by the City Treasurer's Office, including the investment policy and the debt policy.

Finance Documents

Visit the Finance Department's page to view and download current and past City audited financial statements and budgets.

Investment Reports

View and download a copy of the latest investment reports for the City Pool A, SHRA Pool DSCERS or Endowment Funds.

Disclosure Filings

View and download a copy of the latest disclosure filings for bonded debt of the City, financing authorities and special districts.


Contact information for the City Treasurer and his staff.